Custom Number Plate Registrations

When it comes to purchasing number plates, there are a range of options that you are able to take advantage of in order to get the perfect combination for you. Currently there are four different layout options that you can choose from for your plates, giving you maximum flexibility when it comes to customisation.

Number Plate Options

  • Dateless Plates – as the name suggests, this type of plate does not use numbers or letters as an age identifier. This makes it much easier to form cohesive words and allows you to have a much shorter number-letter combination. Typically this tends to be the most expensive type of personalised plate as they are very high in demand.  
  • Prefix Number Plates – this type of plate uses the beginning of the registration to signify the age of the car. This style always has a prefix letter on the left, hence the name, and is followed by up to three numbers and followed by a further three letters.
  • Suffix Number Plates – in reverse to the prefix plates, a suffix plate uses a letter at the end of the plate to signify the age. Typically this type of plate will have three letters, followed by 1 to 3 numbers and another letter (excluding I, O, Q, U and Z).
  • Northern Ireland Number Plates – these plates follow the Northern Ireland plate standard but they can be used anywhere within the British Isles. Northern Ireland plates will have two or three letters first, containing at least an ‘I’ or a ‘Z’, followed by up to 4 numbers.

Buying Plates with Primo Registrations

If you are looking for personalised plates, whether or not you know the style you want, then use our search bar to find the perfect combination for you. At Primo Registrations we have over 43 million combinations of plates available, simply type in the letters or combinations you want and search through the results.

You can narrow these results down by selecting the style you like most and really pin point your options by filtering by budget. This gives you all the personalised plates that suit your needs, ensuring that the process is as quick and easy as possible. We also guarantee to have the cheapest prices to be found, saving you the hassle of looking all over to find the lowest price.