Buying Terms & Conditions

Published date: February 2018

General Terms & Conditions

•   By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are entering into an agreement to purchase the registration number detailed on your order form and/or email, and in accordance with The Consumer Contracts Regulations 2014, the service procedure will begin immediately and cannot be cancelled or refunded.

•   The registration number can only be assigned to a vehicle, currently registered in mainland Britain or Northern Ireland, and at the time of assignment the vehicle must be taxed and of a testable type. You cannot make the vehicle appear younger than it actually is. You should not proceed with the purchase if your intention is to mis-space or mis-represent the registration number.

•   You will receive a request from us for the vehicle documents as and when we need them, (you will have up to 3 weeks to supply them to us).  

•   The terms shown above are abbreviated from our full terms of business.

The purchase is subject to our full Terms of Business:-

  • It is illegal to display the New Registration Mark before the transfer is completed by The Department for Transport.
  • All Registration Marks are sold subject to availability and although Primo Registrations check the availability of every registration mark before selling, they cannot accept any responsibility should the registration become unavailable or in the unlikely event of failure of the transfer at DVLA level. In these circumstances Primo Registrations will try and find a suitable replacement Registration Mark or refund the purchaser in full. Primo Registrations liability will be limited to a full refund (unless it is in some way the fault of the purchaser) and any claims for damages, interest on monies paid or any other expenses will not be entertained.
  • Any full or part payment taken on a registration mark is non-returnable (unless the transfer cannot proceed due to the default of the donor or failure of the transfer at DVLA level). If part payment is taken at the point of sale the balance will be due within 14 days unless alternative payment arrangements were made and confirmed by Primo Registrations in writing. Failure to pay the balance within the time limits will result in the forfeit of any monies paid and the Registration Mark will be placed back on the market.
  • Your rights under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2014 will be lost on accepting a contract to purchase any Registration Mark. Prices subject to change without notice.
  • Although Primo Registrations make every attempt to assure the prices advertised are correct, the occasional mistake can occur due to the large amount of registration marks available at any time. If a customer purchases a registration mark that is subsequently found to be incorrectly priced, Primo Registrations liability will be limited to a full refund of any monies paid.
  • We sell Registration Marks owned by ourselves, our clients, and unissued government stock.
  • The purchaser of a registration mark must submit correct documentation within three weeks of the request by Primo Registrations, if they require Primo Registrations to transfer the registration mark to their vehicle. If the vehicle documentation is not received or is in any way incorrect, Primo Registrations reserve the right to place the registration mark on a retention document and recover any said cost from the purchaser.
  • The purchase of number plates is compulsory with all registration mark orders.
  • Should the transfer fail due to the default of the purchaser in any way, including not paying the balance or supplying the necessary documentation, Primo Registrations will not be liable for any payment to the seller, but we will, with their permission, readvertise their registration mark.
  • Any Registration Marks supplied on a certificate will need to be transferred to a vehicle by the expiry date of on the certificate; this will be the responsibility of the purchaser. There are some registration numbers that Primo Registrations will not be able to supply on certificates.  In these circumstances, the purchaser will be required to supply documents to allow such numbers to be transferred onto a vehicle. Some Certificates of Entitlement or Retention Documents can be extended by Primo Registrations but these are limited to those where Primo Registrations are the Purchaser on a Certificate of Entitlement or Grantee on a Retention Document.  If the certificate is one that can be extended, there will be a fee of £40+vat payable to Primo Registrations to extend the certificate, which will need to be paid before the certificate expires.
  • Many Registration Marks can be supplied on a Certificate of Entitlement within 3-7 working days, but other types of transfer can take 4-6 weeks and all transfers can take up to 12 weeks. Although we do often give you an idea of timescale for transfer to be completed at the point of sale this can vary due to unforeseen circumstances. It should be understood that where we are advertising a Mark for a private seller, the Mark is held by the seller until the transaction is complete, and not by Primo Registrations, thus slow action on the part of the seller may occasionally cause delay. If we are unable to complete a transfer within 12 weeks of receipt of cleared funds and correct documentation from the purchaser a full refund of all monies paid will be made.
  • Once a transfer has been authorised by the Department For Transport (DVLA Swansea), all liabilities will be rescinded by Primo Registrations.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the Purchaser to ensure that the correct details are entered when purchasing a registration mark online and when speaking to a representative of Primo Registrations. Phonetics should be used when referring to a registration mark, as many letters of the alphabet sound similar on the phone.
  • If the registered keepers name supplied at the time of ordering (the nominee name on the certificate) requires amendment or change, a fee of £50 is payable to Primo Registrations who will then arrange the change.
  • You cannot make a vehicle appear younger than it is by changing the registration mark .For example; - You cannot put an “R” prefix registration on a “P” prefix vehicle as it would make the vehicle appear younger. You can however put any prefix registration from “A” to “P” on a “P” prefix vehicle.
  • Registration Marks must be displayed correctly.  You may not and must not misrepresent, alter or wrongly space the letters or numbers on a number plate in any way. Doing so would constitute a breach of the Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations 2001.
  • Primo Registrations cannot accept responsibility for delays or errors caused by the postal system, e-mail, the Department For Transport, DVLA, any unforeseen circumstances or any failure or delay on the part of the donor or the receiving vehicles.
  • Calls may be monitored for training purposes.



The terms of this contract do not affect your statutory rights.

We reserve the right to make changes to our website, policies, and these Terms and Conditions at any time. You will be subject to the policies and Terms and Conditions in force at the time that you use the website. Use of our website and services signifies acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.

Complaints and Feedback

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