Buying Car Registration Plate with Primo Registrations

Finding and buying your perfect custom licence plates doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, with Primo Registrations it’s as easy as typing what you want into the search bar and hitting the enter button! Deciding what you want the private number plate to say will probably be the hardest thing about this process.

There’s the option to tailor your search to focus the results on the different cherished number plate styles available, including:

  • Current Style Number Plates
  • Prefix Style Number Plates
  • Suffix Style Number Plates
  • Dateless Number Plates
  • Northern Ireland Number Plates

As if that isn’t enough, you are also able to adjust the filters to only see personalised numbers plates that fall within your budget. Once you’ve decided on a number plate, you can follow the simple online process to complete the purchase or order over the phone by calling 01252 49 1111.

Primo Registrations Make it Easy to Buy Private Registration Plates

We know that buying car registration plates can sometimes be a long and complicated task, which is why we’ve strived to make Primo Registrations different. We aim to provide you with your personalised number plates normally within 2-15 working days from the time of purchase.

To ensure the timeframe is kept, we will start the process of transferring the plates to your car upon payment. We ask that during this period you return all the information we require quickly and accurately to ensure there are no delays in receiving your private number plates.

Number Plates for Sale with Primo Registrations

At Primo Registrations we have a huge selection of registration plates for sale, with over 50 million varieties available. In addition to this, we guarantee that you will pay the lowest price for your personalised number plates as we frequently price match to ensure that ours are the cheapest registration plates on the market.