Cheap Private Number Plates under £200

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Private Number Plates Under £200: Affordable Personalised Plates at Primo Registrations


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If you’re looking for an affordable way to add a personal touch to your vehicle, look no further than Primo Registrations for private number plates under £200. Our wide range of affordable options allows you to find a unique plate that reflects your personality and style without breaking the bank.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of private number plates, how to find affordable options on Primo Registrations, and important things to consider before making a purchase.


Benefits of Private Number Plates

One of the main benefits of private number plates is that they allow you to personalise your vehicle and stand out on the road. Whether you want to display your initials, a special date, or a favourite word or phrase, a private plate can help you make a statement and show off your individuality.

In addition to the personalisation factor, private plates can also hold their value over time. As the number of available plates decreases, the value of existing plates can increase, making them a potential investment opportunity.


Finding Affordable Private Plates on Primo Registrations

At Primo Registrations, we offer a range of private number plates under £200. Here are some tips for finding affordable options:

  1. Use the Search Function

Our website has a user-friendly search function that allows you to search for plates within your budget. Simply enter your desired price range, and our system will show you all the available plates.

  1. Look for Dateless Irish Plates

Dateless Irish plates are private plates that were issued originally issued in Northern Ireland, and they tend to be less expensive than newer plates. These can still be used on any mainland UK vehicle. You can search for Dateless Irish plates on our website by using the filter function.

  1. Consider Combination Plates

Combination plates are plates that use a combination of letters and numbers to create a specific word or phrase. For example, you might be able to find a plate that reads “MY11 CAR” or “H1 JKS” for under £200.

  1. Check the Offers Page

Our offers page features a range of plates that are currently on sale or have been discounted. You may be able to find a plate that fits your budget and meets your personalisation needs.


Things to Consider Before Buying a Private Plate

Before you buy a private number plate, there are a few important things to consider. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

  1. DVLA Restrictions

The DVLA has strict rules about what can be displayed on a private plate, so make sure you’re familiar with their guidelines before making a purchase. For example, you can’t use a plate to make your vehicle appear newer than it is, and you can’t use certain letters or combinations of letters that could be considered offensive.

  1. Transfer Fees

In addition to the cost of the plate itself, you’ll also need to pay transfer fees to the DVLA to transfer the plate to your vehicle. At Primo Registrations, we include the transfer fee in the price of the plate, so there are no hidden costs.

  1. Resale Value

While private plates can hold their value over time, there’s no guarantee that your plate will be worth more in the future. If you’re considering a plate as an investment, do your research and make sure you’re buying something that’s likely to hold its value.


In Conclusion

Private number plates under £200 are a great way to personalise your vehicle and make a statement on the road. At Primo Registrations, we offer a wide range of affordable options to help you find a plate that fits your style and budget.

Just remember to do your research before making a purchase and make sure you’re aware of any restrictions or fees associated with transferring the plate to your vehicle.

Search Primo Registrations today to find your perfect private number plate