One of our most frequently asked questions is "what are my options if I am buying a registration for a present for someone"? To help you we have our most Frequently Asked Questions below:-

Q: Can I buy now and give on a Birthday / Christmas?

A: Yes you can. Our registrations are normally valid for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase, and can be assigned to a vehicle any time during this time period. It doesn't matter if it is going onto a vehicle next week or in nine months time, the price and the process that we follow is exactly the same at the time of ordering. You will only need to pay the DOT transfer fee of £80 once, at the time of purchase, and won't have to pay again when it goes onto the vehicle.


Q: Can you supply the registration on a retention certificate?

A: On most registrations we can do this, but it's best to check with us on the telephone. The certificate would be valid for 10 years and can be assigned to a vehicle anytime during this time frame.


Q: If I choose your Fully Managed Transfer Service do I have to get it transferred to the car straight away?

A: Our Fully Managed Transfer Service is valid for the life of the registration, so we can arrange the transfer onto the vehicle at any time.


Q: What will I get if I buy now?

A: We offer two options - our Fully Managed Transfer Service or our self managed transfer service. If you choose our Fully Managed Transfer Service we send you very clear instructions - you simply upload the V5C log book of the vehicle it will be going onto. It will normally take us 1-15 working days for us to transfer the registration onto the vehicle, so this can be done prior to the special day, or after if you would prefer. If you choose the self managed transfer service you would get your certificate in around 5-7 working days and then you would need to handle the legal transfer of the registration anytime within the 10 year period. If you don't want to spoil the surprise we can even arrange delivery to a different address.


Q: Can I reserve a registration and pay nearer Christmas?

A: All registrations need to be paid in full when ordering. We now offer a credit option to help you budget too.


Q. Can I arrange the transfer to be complete on a specific day?

A. You cannot normally specify a day on which the transfer completes. It usually takes us 1-15 working days to complete a transfer from receipt of the papers from you - as soon as we receive them from you we will submit them for processing. However, in the lead up to Christmas, we do offer a very special offer of GUARANTEED CHRISTMAS EVE PROCESSING so that you can be sure to get the number plate on the vehicle in time for Christmas - simply select this whilst placing your order and we will take care of it for you!