Will I receive a V750 Certificate when a number plate goes onto my vehicle?

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V750 and V778 certificates

In a simple word, no. The DVLA allows a number plate to be on one of two things – the registration can either be on a vehicle or it can be on a certificate – it can’t be on both! 

When a number plate is assigned to a vehicle, the rights to the registration are then under the control of the V5C log book. You can use this log book to take the number plate off in the future, or to change the ownership to someone else. 

If you want to have a personal number plate but not have it on a vehicle, then it will be on what is called a retention certificate. This is also known as the certificate of entitlement. If the number plate has never been on a vehicle before, then it will be on a V750 form (which is pink in colour), or if it has been on a vehicle previously before taking off, then it will be on a V778 form (which is green in colour). Both of these documents are valid for 10years from the date of original purchase or taking off from the vehicle. 


Can I put a number plate on a leased vehicle?

Leasing companies don’t normally issue V5C log books to customers as the vehicle is normally registered to them. However, as you can imagine with the popularity of leasing a vehicle nowadays, leasing companies are well versed in handling private number plates and won’t ever have an issue with taking a number plate off for you in the future. Before the lease is due to come to an end you should contact the leasing company to either put the registration onto a different vehicle or onto a retention certificate. The leasing company will advise you the best way to do this with them. 

A few people are worried that this means they won’t own the number plate whilst it is on a leased vehicle. Technically whilst this is true, we have never heard of a leasing company stealing a number plate – just make sure you keep up the vehicle payments!!


What happens to the certificate when it’s on my car

Once the number plate is registered to the vehicle the certificate that the registration was on previously is null and void. The DVLA request that you destroy the invalid certificate as it will never be able to be used again. 


I have lost my V778 Certificate – can I get a replacement?

If you organised for the registration to go onto retention directly with the DVLA then you should contact the DVLA to discuss with them. If you have bought the registration from a dealer, then you will need to speak to them in the first instance. 


How do I take my number plate off from my vehicle?

There are two simple ways of doing this:

  1. You can apply online at the DVLA here. The cost to do so is £80 and can be paid online using a valid debit or credit card. You will be notified immediately and the certificate will then be posted to you in around 7 working days. The replacement V5C will also be posted to you.
  2. You can apply to the DVLA using a form V317 along with a cheque or postal order for £80. People usually use this option if they are putting the registration into someone elses name other than the registered keeper of the vehicle. Obviously with this being a postal application it will take longer, and we would always recommend sending the paperwork to the DVLA by a signed for delivery service. 


We hope that the above information is useful to you, but if you’d like any further information please do keep up to date with our Newsletters for the latest updates on personalised number plates.