Can I put a Private Number Plate on a leased vehicle?

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One of the best things about purchasing a new car is that you can get a private number plate for it. It’s the perfect way to give the vehicle a unique flair and image, ensuring that it’s your dream machine and everyone knows it. But is this exciting option taken away when you lease a vehicle? The short answer is No, you can get a private plate even if you are leasing the vehicle.

That said, getting a number plate like this is certainly easier if you own the vehicle. So, let’s look at how to go about doing this and make sure that you take the right steps here.


What Does It Mean To Buy A Private Number Plate

When you purchase a personalised number plate, you are purchasing the option to use it on any vehicle. That includes a vehicle that you are currently leasing, rather than just one that you might have bought outright. But, there are steps that you need to take.


Don’t Forget To Inform The DVLA For Number Plate Retention

You might be using a number plate that is already assigned to a different vehicle for your leased car. If that’s the case, first you’ll be dealing with the issue of number plate retention. You just need to inform the DVLA and get a retention document. Form V778 means that the issue will be handled quickly and there are a few transfer services online that can handle this for you in just a week for a low price.


Remember You Don’t Own It

This might sound obvious, but it’s something that people often forget. You don’t own a car you’re leasing. So, you need to make sure that the documents are filled out correctly. Basically you'll need to make sure that the nominee on the V750 or V778 form, has the finance company name that is on it. This is not the broker that you bought it from and if you are unsure of the right details, contact the person who leased you the car. They should be able to tell you.


Fitting The Plates

There are two options on how to fit the plates. You can fit them after you have taken delivery of the vehicle and it is in your possession. You need to make sure that you let the broker know and pass the retention document on to them. They’ll then give you permission to fit the plates without their help.

Alternatively, you can get the plates fitted before you take delivery. While this might result in a delay, it can be useful, particularly if you have no idea how to fit the plate yourself.


Don’t Forget To Take Them Off Once Your Contract Ends

You need to make sure that once you return the vehicle, the plates are removed from the vehicle. You can use number plate retention and transfer them over to another vehicle.


We hope this helps you put your mind at ease that you can use private number plates, even on a leased vehicle.