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Cheap Number Plates

Please find below a list of our cheap number plates for sale in our Bargain Personalised number plate range. Don't forget that the All inc price means you've got nothing extra to pay!

    Personalised number plates are a fantastic way to express your personality and your passions. They make excellent gifts if you want to surprise someone with something special, and there are so many things that you can choose to have them say. Private number plates can be expensive from some places, especially if you're looking for a unique and easily readable plate. However, here at PrimoRegistrations, we do our best to offer you the best prices on both plates and registration. Personalise your car for less with our cheap private number plates and a choice of different plate styles on offer.

    Personalise Your Number Plates from £29.99

    PrimoRegistrations has 50 million vehicle registration plates, and we make it our mission to offer them at the lowest prices. Our registration costs start from £29.99, with all-inclusive prices beginning from £120.99. We offer a number of other benefits, including 0% financing, fast-tracked transfers and secure online ordering. There are some great reasons to opt for cheap personalised number plates instead of the standard one that comes with your vehicle. It's a way to make your personal mark on your vehicle and on the world, plus it makes your vehicle instantly recognisable.

    Choose Different Plate Styles

    We offer a choice of different plates styles so that you can choose one that works best for what you want it to say. The plate styles we offer are:

    • Current
    • Prefix
    • Dateless
    • Suffix
    • Northern Ireland

    These different number plate styles all have various attributes, some of which offer more flexibility for choosing what you want them to say. For example, dateless number plates don't use numbers or letters to identify age. This means they can be used more easily to form words, but it can also make them more expensive. The cheapest private number plates are often Northern Ireland style plates, which can be used throughout the UK.

    Make It Easy with All-inclusive Prices

    Our all-inclusive prices make it easy to see the total price that you're going to pay for your plates. Our registration costs for the cheapest reg plates start from £29.99, but there are also additional costs for the plates themselves. We make it simple by giving you an all-inclusive price, so you don't need to pay anything extra on top of that. Our most affordable plates have an all-inclusive price starting from £120.99, making them a great gift or a treat for yourself.

    Make an Offer for a Fairer Price

    We pride ourself on offering the very best prices for anyone looking for cheap number plates. That's why we allow you to make an offer on any plates if you think that you can get a better price elsewhere. Our lowest price guarantee means that you can click the "Make Offer" button next to any listing to suggest a lower price. We break down the all-inclusive price for you, showing you what the total amount consists of so that you can see just what we're asking for and why.