Personalised Number Plate FAQs | Primo Registrations

Here at Primo Registrations we have a lot of questions that frequently pop up. In order to save time and make sure that you are fully clued up about everything to do with buying personalised plates, here’s our complete FAQs:

How does it work?

There are three main ways that we can supply your registration:

1. On a retention certificate, which you will then be responsible for handling all the legal aspects of the transfer with the DVLA. Upon purchase of the retention certificate you have up to 10 years to put the registration on a vehicle. The retention certificate and plates (if ordered) would normally be with you between 3-7 working days from placing your order, dependent on the postage option you select when ordering.

2. Through our fully managed transfer service. With this option we carry out the legal transfer for you, even if you are not planning on putting the registration on your car straight away. Upon ordering we will send you very simple instructions, asking you to upload a full page image of the front of your V5C using the secure link sent to you. You upload the image when you are ready to transfer the registration. This is our most popular option as it removes any added legal hassle and makes the process much smoother. From receipt of your details it normally takes us between 3 and 7 working days to complete the registering of your vehicle, including the change of vehicle log book, tax and MOT. 

3. Through our specific day transfer service. This option is very popular for Birthday presents and gifts. You simply select a specific day (minimum 2 weeks from purchase date) follow the clear instructions sent to you asking for an image of the V5C and we will then assign your registration on your specific day (or last working day prior to your chosen day). 

(Christmas Eve processing will be available to purchase from October).

How soon after buying my car can I transfer plates?

It’s earlier than you might imagine. As soon as you receive the valid green tear off slip in section 10 of the V5C you can apply to make the transfer. This means that we can begin the process even before you get the full V5C from the DVLA!

What’s the expected cost?

While the total cost of your chosen number plate can vary greatly, from £49 into the thousands, the DVLA transfer fee is always £80 regardless of the price of plates. You can find out the price of VAT on your selected plates by clicking the ‘order online’ button. Don’t worry, this won’t place the order but it will bring you through to the next page that highlights all the costs involved.

How long does this process take?

At Primo Registrations we aim for all our transfers to be completed within 1-5 weeks. However, we cannot begin the transfer until we have received all of the required documents from you. While we take the utmost care in ensuring your documents are kept save, we cannot accept responsibility for them once they have been passed on to the DVLA.

Why are some transfer times faster than others?

This will depend strongly on whether the registration plate has been issued or assigned to a vehicle previously. If the registration has not been used then the process usually takes 7-21 working days as there is no donor vehicle that needs to be inspected by the DVLA If the plate has been assigned to another vehicle previously then there may be a need to inspect the donor vehicle prior to completing transfer.

Can I put any personalised plate on my vehicle?

Yes, as long as the plate doesn’t make your car look newer/ younger than it is by using a more current year than its first date of registration. For example a car that was first registered in 2005 couldn’t use personalised plates with date signifiers from 2006 onwards.

What happens to my current registration?

It will be automatically be made void unless you pay the DVLA to retain. However, your existing number plate will usually be reissued back to the vehicle when you take your new number plates off it in the future - you would only pay to retain it if you were going to transfer it onto a different vehicle now or in the future. 

Can I use my old registration again if I transfer my new one to a different car?

In most cases your old registration will be reassigned if you do decide to transfer your new one to a different vehicle, although this is not guaranteed. If you definitely want to keep this registration then you can apply and pay for a retention certificate that lasts for 10 years. If this is something you are interested in then talk to us today about organising it for you.

If the recipient vehicle already has a private licence plate number can I transfer both at the same time?

Yes, this is referred to as a double transfer and can be arranged to either put the plates on a different vehicle or simply put the registration on retention.

Will my vehicle need to be inspected?

It isn’t essential and doesn’t typically happen unless there has been a change to the construction of the vehicle. In this situation then the authorities may wish to inspect the vehicle and you will be notified if this is the case.

Can you make number plates that are spaced differently?

No. It is against the law to sell plates spaced differently in the UK.

Do you supply number plates with the holes pre drilled in them?

No. Every car in the UK is different. We can't tell if your number plate is secured with screws or not, and if it is we can't tell where the screw holes are located. However, we do always supply you with fixing instructions, including videos showing you how to attach them to your vehicle once any transfer is completed.

Do Primo Registration number plates advertise the business?

No. It is against the law to supply such plates. By law the supplying manufacturer needs to have their name and postcode on the number plates, ours are done as discreetly as legally possible.

Can I still buy a number plate if I don't yet have a car for it to go onto? 

Yes. On most of our registrations you have upto ten years to put the registration onto a vehicle. All the costs are paid at the time of ordering, not when it goes onto the vehicle. If you buy today for instance then you haven't got anything to pay when you put it onto the vehicle in say 5 years time. The price and the process that we follow at the time of ordering is exactly the same, so just place your order as normal. 

Any More Questions? Ask us today!

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