Post Purchase Personalised Registration Plates Options


Number plate Fixing Kit

A kit to allow you to fix your new plates to your vehicle. The kit includes eight secure fixing pads, along with five screws, two white head covers, two yellow head covers and four black head covers. Also supplied with instructions. This set retails for £5.99 in Halfords.


Fully Managed Transfer Service

A service for us to fully managed the legal aspect of the transfer onto your vehicle.


Refund of Assignment Fee

To apply for a refund of the £80 DVLA assignment fee minus £10 admin fee. Only available if the registration has not been assigned to a vehicle. This will void the registration and mean it is not available for use in the future.



Certificate extension

Extend your registration for a period of 10years


Nominee name change

To change the nominee name on the certificate so that it can be put on a vehicle registered to a different person.


Address details change

To update us with any address change.


Certificate reprint

For a reprint of your certificate if you have lost it.


Certificate Resurrection

If you registration has expired and you need to resurrect the registration we can now do this within a short period of expiration. The price includes the £48 extension fee


Additional Standard Rear Plate

Additional Replacement Standard Rear Number plate (inc 1st class delivery)


Registration Retention

Registration to be put onto a Primo Stock vehicle and retained in the customers name and address made valid for 10years


Redelivery of Number Plates

Redelivery of Number plates when they have been sent back due to not being picked up


Supply on Retention Certificate

If you have chosen our Fully Managed Transfer Service but now wish to have the registration supplied to you on a certificate, we can arrange that here. We will arrange for the registration to be put onto a certificate and sent to you. THIS OPTION IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR PRE-OWNED REGISTRATIONS


Guaranteed Christmas Eve Processing

If you are buying your registration as a gift for a special person, we can now offer our guaranteed Christmas Eve processing option.
We guarantee that we'll process your application on Christmas Eve so that you have the registration ready to go onto the vehicle on Christmas Day - what a present that would be!
You must have chosen our Fully Managed Transfer Service to take advantage of this service.
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or call 01252 49 1111 to speak to one of our transfer experts at no extra cost