If you are buying your registration as a gift for a special person, we can now offer our guaranteed Christmas Eve processing option.

We guarantee that we'll process your application on Christmas Eve so that you have the registration ready to go onto the vehicle on Christmas Day - what a present that would be!

To take advantage of this service you must adhere to the following:-

  1. The paperwork that we send to you to complete, must be returned to us no later than Friday 8th December. If we don't receive your documentation by Friday 8th December we cannot guarantee we'll be able to process in time. 
  2. You must supply us your complete V5C, registered in the name given to us at the time of ordering. 
  3. The vehicle must have valid tax and have a valid MOT.
  4. It must be a straight transfer and not include any additional transfers ie retaining the existing number plate.

Once received and processed we will contact you before 2pm on Christmas Eve via your supplied text / email address to confirm that you can use the new registration plates the following day. The only thing you are left to do is attach the number plates and contact your insurance company to advise them.