What are Dateless Number Plates?

Dateless number plates are a great choice for those looking for a wide range of customising options.

Dateless plates are, as their name would suggest, truly dateless. It is impossible to identify the age of a vehicle from a dateless plate, as they carry none of the identifying patterns that usually help to distinguish the age of a vehicle. As a result, dateless number plates make for an excellent choice for customers wishing to disguise the age of their vehicle, as well as benefit from extra flexibility when it comes to customisation. As dateless plates don’t need to have a number or letter incorporated that relates to the age of the car, there’s far higher flexibility regarding the words that can be “spelt out”.

Dateless number plates are incredibly popular. Some of the most desirable plates are worth in excess of £1 million, so if you’re looking for a plate with style, panache, and plenty of options, dateless plates are clearly the best choice for you.


Choosing your dateless number plates

One of the major benefits of dateless number plates is that you are able to customise them as you wish. However, there are a few conventions that you’re going to want to take notice of when considering your own plate:

  • The most popular style of dateless number plates consist of three letters, followed by three numbers.

  • The shorter a plate number is, the more expensive it is. The first ever dateless number plate was produced in 1903, and simply read “A 1”— this would be among the most expensive kinds of dateless number plates if produced today.

  • Even longer dateless number plates can be incredibly expensive thanks to the popularity of this kind of plate. At Primo Registrations, we go out of our way to ensure you are able to get the best price on the plate that you wish to purchase. However, if you’re looking for even cheaper options, then we recommend our Irish number plate range, which also benefit from being dateless, and can thus be used for a vehicle of any age.

Dateless personalised number plates search

Our purchasing process

At Primo Registrations, we’ve sought to make the dateless number plate buying process as simple as possible.  You can use our search facility to browse for available plates.

  • Enter the letter and number combination that you are looking for into the search bar.

  • Press “Enter”

  • A list of possible options will then be loaded, which you can browse to find a plate that matches your desired specifications.

  • If there’s no exact match in our database, you’ll be able to peruse a range of similar options that you may also consider suitable for your needs.

  • You can purchase your dateless number plate online using all major cards or PayPal.

  • If you’d prefer to speak to us prior to buying, then please call 01252 49 1111. We can discuss your options and process payments over the phone for no extra cost.

We have done all we can to ensure that our dateless number plate buying process is easy and straightforward, and if you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss your purchase further!