Irish Number Plate Style

The Irish number plate style is just that, the style of plates that are used in Northern Ireland. However, if you are living anywhere in the British Isles then you are entitled to use this style and transferring them onto your vehicle is just as easy as with any other style being sold at Primo Registrations.

Like with the other number plate styles, the Irish plates are now registered with the UK DVLA and can therefore be transferred to any vehicle based within the British Isles.

Why Buy an Irish Number Plate?

As with all styles of number plate, the Irish plates carry their own format which can be very attractive for anyone looking to stand out from the crowd. This type of plate will have two or three letters at the beginning of the registration with at least one of these letter being an ‘I’ or a ‘Z’. Following these three letters will be one to four numbers, for example: ABZ 123 or IAB 1.

There are no age identifying letters, meaning that any car is able to use these plates and you can hide the age of your vehicle. The price of plates will vary greatly depending on the length of the plate and its desirability; shorter plates are typically more expensive.

Irish Number Plates for Sale at Primo Registrations

At Primo Registrations we have a great selection of Irish number plates at the best prices to be found, making it easy and affordable for you to pick up the perfect plates for your needs. We offer a price promise on all our registration plates, ensuring that they are at the lowest price to be found online.

Find your perfect Irish number plate and click the order online button or give our friendly sales advisors a call on 01252 49 1111 at no extra cost. Not only do we sell the registration marks, but we also handle the transfer process to make things as easy as possible for you.