Vehicle Modification: What is Legal?

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Are you considering modifying your vehicle to improve it? Then you’ll need to know how you can do so without breaking the law. Here you can find out the rules of vehicle modifications to ensure you stay legal as well as safe.

In-car Entertainment Must Not be a Distraction

Ok, so you want to jazz up your car with the latest technology, and we don’t blame you! Who wouldn’t want a portable DVD player in the back to keep the kids occupied or a stereo system that is iPod compatible? For top summer cruising tracks, check out our 2015 summer playlist here. However, the driver must not be distracted in any way.

What does this mean? Well granted, you’ll want to listen to music on your journey, however there’s a limit on how loudly you play it, and rightly so. According to research carried out by the RAC Foundation, drivers who were listening to loud music with a fast beat were twice as likely to jump a red light and just as likely to have a car accident.

And watching your child’s portable DVD player in the rear-view mirror is off the cards. In fact, any moving images within view of the driver are illegal. You can receive a fixed penalty notice if caught watching a DVD whilst driving as it is impossible to safely drive a vehicle whilst your attention is elsewhere. Those who cause accidents could even face criminal prosecution.

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Window Tints Must Not be Too Dark

Many people like to soup up their vehicles with tinted windows; however, to stay on the right side of the law, the front side windows must allow 70% of light to pass through them. So, how will you know if your windows are too dark? 

Well, the level of light transmission is measured by metering units, so if you discover that your windows allow less light through than legally required, you will need to have the tinting removed; failure to do so might result in a prosecution and an extortionate fine. To avoid this unnecessary expense, always check the types of windows you’re having fitted to ensure that they are legal.

Number Plates: The Rules

We understand that you may want to make your car distinctive with a private car registration, however, it’s important that you comply with the rules. Whilst the idea of having a number plate that flaunts funky fonts and showy graphics is appealing, the law states that you must not alter, rearrange or misrepresent letters or numbers.

To avoid facing a fixed penalty notice, read our post about number plate font rules here. And if you want to personalise your plate with your name or fancy a number plate that displays your favourite sports emblem, then be sure to familiarise yourself with today’s regulations here to find out if this is legally possible.

So, now you know what is legal, do you fancy modifying your car with any of the above? Perhaps a private car registration? Then look no further than us here at Primo Registrations. Take a look at our wide selection of plates today and find the perfect one for you.

Image Source: Pixabay