The Worst Car Parks in Britain

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You will no doubt have gotten flustered whilst trying to park your car at some point or another. Car parks can be a nightmare, especially when someone has parked across two bays or left a trolley in the middle of the space you had your eye on.

However, these problems have got nothing on the worst carks parks in Britain. Take a look to see which ones have made the list.

Car Park

Alton Business Park, Hampshire

This car park was voted the worst by the public in a survey conducted by motor insurer Aviva. Why? Well, two sides of the car park are surrounded by walls and other parked cars block the front and passenger sides, so if you’re the first one to arrive at work, you’ll also have to be the last one to leave.

It’s no surprise that this poorly-designed car park has been nominated as the worst car parking space.

Brewer Street, London

Soho’s Brewer Street has a car park with a space that may as well not be there. If the car park is full and this one space is your only option, you’re doomed. The space has a concrete pillar in it, as well as two pipes, which causes a parking obstruction.

Parking in London is a challenge as it is and the space at Soho’s Brewer Street makes parking pretty much impossible, unless you fancy a dented door.

Churchill Square, Brighton

Brighton may be home to sun, sea and sand, but the car park at Churchill Square can soon make things seem miserable. Imagine trying to park somewhere that is riddled with posts and barriers that prevent car doors from being opened, plus narrow bays that make it difficult for you to even squeeze your car in. Well, at Churchill Square, you don’t have to imagine.

It’s easy to understand why this car park is one of the worst in the UK.

Upper Parliament Street, Nottingham

Locals have nicknamed this car park the ‘modern dungeon’ of Nottingham due to its dark and dingy interior. However, that’s not why it’s one of the worst places to park in Britain. Unfortunately, as well as it being dungeon-like, it’s easy for you to scrape your car thanks to its concrete pillars which are used to mark out spaces.

West Street, Blackpool

West Street’s car park is one to avoid, unless you’re a pro at parking. The spaces are at confusing angles to each other and the low ceiling here means you cannot open your boot. So, you either put your shopping on the back seat or avoid shopping completely!

This car park sounds far from ideal. In fact, it sounds like more hassle to park your car here than help!

Have you parked in any of these car parks? We feel for you if you have. If you’ve had a bad car park experience, do let us know the details by tweeting us @PrimoReg, we’d be interested to hear all about it!

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