What are the Benefits of Auto Detailing?

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If you’ve ever looking into Auto Detailing then you’d be excused for thinking that it’s borderline obsessive compulsive. To a large extent it is, as it is a clean so thorough that you could use your car for a mirror and a dining table at the same time.

But what are the benefits of having your car detailed? Surprisingly, there’s more to this process than simply the vanity factor of having an incredibly shiny car!

Keep Your Car Looking New

Keep Your Car Looking New

While cleaning your car stops dirt from building up and gives a bit of shine back, detailing is on a whole other level. This process doesn’t just clean your vehicle, it reconditions both the interior and exterior of your car giving it a showroom finish. In short, your car will not just be clean – it’ll be restored to the same condition it was when it first drove away from the dealership.

Protect the Paint

Detailing doesn’t just clean your car, it goes the next step by applying a wax coat that works to protect your vehicle’s paintwork from minor scratches and damage from the elements. If you have got light scratches on the paintwork then often detailers will polish these out giving you a mirror finish to be proud of. What’s included in the detailing package often varies so make sure you ask for this to be included if it is required.

Retaining Value

If there are two cars which are fundamentally the same, but one has a better finish than the other then which will sell for more? The better finish, of course. Detailing your car means that you help to keep it well presented, meaning that when it is time to sell you can put on a higher price tag.

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Restore the Interior

Often people clean the exterior of the car but neglect the interior – detailing doesn’t do this. Not only will all your junk be thrown out and carpets be hovered, but all leather, plastics and fabrics will be restored to their former glory. This means that when you get behind the wheel it will feel and smell just like a brand new car.

Easier to Clean

Unless you really, really like putting in the elbow grease to clean your vehicle you’ll find that everything is a lot easier after detailing. The protective layer means that most dirt and grime simply washes off without much effort, taking you a lot less effort to have a very shiny car.

Full Assessment

How regularly do you give your vehicle a full check? Chances are, it isn’t very often. With a full detailing everything from your personal number plate to the mud trim behind your wheels will be looked at, assessed and thoroughly cleaned. This can work to help you to tackle and prevent any potential problems early on.