This weeks Top Stories About Private Number Plates

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DVLA Warning: Drivers Could Be Fined Due To Shock Error!

A story in the news this week comes from the DVLA in the UK. A motorist was recently pulled over and given a ticket because of a modification that was made to their number plate on their BMW. The standard plate had been removed and replaced with a baby plate, which is a smaller plate below the headlight in the wrong position of the car. Given that registration plates are not supposed to be fashionable, this driver was fined and ticketed because of their need to fit in. It’s not cool, kids!


Number Plate Sells For £300,000 At Auction

A motorist has spent £300,000 at auction for private number plates in the UK. This has made this the 3rd most expensive set of registration plates ever sold in Britain. The number plates were “IG 1”, a short, sweet registration with a not-so-sweet pricetag. It’s the same price as a house in some parts of England, and buyer Ian Guest was happy to buy the plate for his Bentley Continental GT Speed, and he did expect this private number plate to cost more! The reason it was so pricey is that this one is the last one in the portfolio of the DVLA that uses two letters and one number.


Personalised Number Plates Have Brought In £2 billion

The Treasury has raked in a cool £2 billion since the DVLA started auctioning personalised number plates. In the past 30 years, personalised number plates have been a fun topic. Some people buy them as gifts, others for fun for their car. Either way, the DVLA has auctioned enough number plates to have earned a tidy amount. The lots that were up for auction in July totalled 1,250 auctioned off at once. Some of the registrations fetch the same cost as a luxury car or even a house, and the cheapest can often go for less than £300.


Are License Plates Standard Around The Globe?

An interesting article has emerged this week, talking about the differences in license plates around the world. 31 states in America require plates to be put on the front and the back of a vehicle. The other 19 only require plates to be added to the back of a car. Every single country across the globe requires a license plate for identification and registration purposes, and this article details the differences in license plates in countries around the world.


Private Companies Can Now Pay For Customised Plates

In Kuala Lumpur, private companies are now being offered the chance to take up personalised private number plates in the private sector - for a price! For 1000 registrations, they must pay the Department of Transport RM5 million. If there are any other requested license plates after that, they have to pay RM1 million for each group of 1000 plates. Doing this can bring in the Transport Ministry RM9.6 million via seven series of e-bidding for number plates.


Want A Cardinals License Plate?

Illinois State Secretary Jesse White has recently told of plans to unveil new license plates with the St. Louis Cardinals, who have been World Series winners 11 times so far! The legislation that passed the plate was actually approved 17 years ago, and it’s only just being put into development now. The new number plate will have the Cardinals’ iconic bird on the bat logo, and the current cost of one of these number plates is $69.


Tennessee Shows Their Pride Of The Line On Their Plates

To show your support of families with linemen, you can now pre-order a Powering Tennessee number plate. The sale costs are being donated to families through the Tennessee Lineworker Lifeline Fund, which can provide much-needed funds to families in the event of death or significant injury. The plate itself is $35, and you’d be doing your fellow linemen a service.


DVLA Number Plate Thievery - How to Stop It

An article has been released that details how drivers can prevent themselves from having their license plate stolen. With almost 30,000 plates stolen every year in England, drivers could use one piece of technology and stop it from happening! These special locks make it near impossible for thieves to remove the plate, keeping the car securer for longer.