The Benefits of an Electric Car

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Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. In fact, there are now around 50,000 of these vehicles on the road, whereas in 2013 there were just 3,500. Here you can learn why the popularity of electric cars is rising by discovering the many benefits of these energy-smart inventions.

Electric Car

No Fuel is Needed

This is by far one of the biggest advantages. Electric cars are, of course, charged by electricity, therefore petrol and diesel is not needed at all. What does this mean? You’ll never have to buy fuel again.

Whilst you will have to pay for electricity, it’s still cheaper than having to fork out fuel at the petrol station. Plus, an electric car does not need oil changes, new fan belts or any other parts that would need to be replaced in a regular car, therefore maintenance costs are reduced too.

No Emissions

Due to electric cars running solely on electrically powered engines, these vehicles are entirely eco-friendly. Electric cars do not produce any tailpipe emissions so by driving one, you’ll effortlessly help to improve air quality.

This puts electric cars a step ahead of hybrid cars as hybrids run on gas which do give off emissions, whereas electric cars do not produce any pollution.

They’re Exempt From Vehicle Tax

Driving an environmentally-friendly vehicle pays off, literally. Electric cars are exempt from vehicle tax, providing the electricity comes from an external source or an electric storage battery that is not connected to a power source whilst the vehicle is moving.

However, although electric vehicles are zero-rated for car tax, it’s important to know that electric cars still need to be tax-registered every year.

They’re Quiet but Quick

The beauty of electric cars is that they provide instant torque, delivering immediate power and acceleration to the wheels, yet they are still really quiet. What does this mean? Your driving experience will be far more enjoyable.

A smooth and silent drive is desired by most car lovers. No one wants a rumbling engine, unless they are desperate to try and attract attention. And there are far better ways to turn heads on the road, such as with a private plate.

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