Private Plates: The Perfect Anniversary Gift

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If you’re stuck on what to get your significant other for your anniversary, then you’ve come to the right place. A personalised number plate is the perfect gift; it’s a keepsake that can signify your relationship in a very unique way!

Private Plates - The Perfect Anniversary Gift

So, scrap jewellery and other typical gifts, you’ve no doubt gone to town on those already. Why not opt for something a bit more unusual instead? Take a look at our number plate suggestions to give to your loved one for your anniversary.

The Date of Your Big Day

The day you tied the knot was one of the happiest days of your entire life, right? Well, why not incorporate the day, date and month you got married onto your personalised plate? For example, if you got married on Saturday 9th July, have the letter ‘S’ followed by ’9’ and then ‘JUL’ to finish!

Alternatively, why not include the date you met instead? Or the date you had your first ever rendezvous? These are really thoughtful ideas that will truly touch your other half!

The Number of Years You’ve Been Wed

If it’s a significant wedding anniversary, perhaps you’ve been married a whole decade or a quarter of a century, it might be an idea to include the number of years you’ve been married on the number plate.

If you’ve been married for ten years, a number plate will be especially appropriate as traditionally, materials given are tin or aluminium!

This way, you’ll never forget when it was that you received this special gift! The letter you choose to  use before the number of years is entirely up to you but, for example, the ‘X’ in ‘X10 YRS’ could signify a kiss. And the ‘W’ in ‘W25 YRS’ could stand for ‘wedding’.


Your Names

Whilst it’s probably impossible to feature your whole names on a personalised number plate, you may be able to include a snippet of them somehow. For example, ‘RO55 RAC’ could stand for Ross and Rachel.

Granted, people may not be able to understand the exact message, but the number plate is personal to the two of you, no one else!

A Truly Extraordinary Gift

So, there are many different ideas that you can feature on a personal number plate for an anniversary gift. And the beauty of a private plate is that they are one offs, so no one will else will have it, even if they did celebrate their own marriage on the same day! You’ll just have to beat them to it.

Happy Anniversary

Personalised Number Plates for Sale

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