Number Plate Search

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Want to find the perfect personalised plate that puts your own stamp on your car? Or perhaps you’re looking for the perfect gift for the motor enthusiast in your life will love? At Primo Registration, we make it easier than ever to see whether or not the right registration is available thanks to our handy number plate search.

Personalise your search

When you use our reg plate search, we can show you all the plates available that most closely match it. You can even choose plates that match the car’s reg. year, set a max price, and narrow it by format. It’s never been easier to find the perfect private number plate.

Choosing the right format

We offer millions of registrations and plates, available in a range of different formats, making it easier for you to find exactly the customised plate you’re looking for. Let’s break down the different formats so you can use the private number plate search all the better.
·         Current: This style (also known as the new style) was introduced In September 2001. It follows the format of two letters and two numbers joined together, a space, then three letters. For instance: ED65 EGM. The two numbers represent the month and year the car was registered in.
·         Prefix: These plates were introduced in 1983. They consist of one letter and two numbers joined, a space, then three letters (like M10 BDL). The first letter signifies the year the car was registered in.
·         Suffix: These plates are even older, originating in 1963. They are comprised of three letters, a space, then one or two numbers connected to a letter (like GAM 3S or GAM 13S). The last letter marks the year of registry. In both Suffix and Prefix, these letters count upwards from the year the system first start. In Suffix, a plate ending with A means the car was registered in 1963, for instance.
·         Dateless (Classic): This was the system in place from inception to 1963 and is one of the most varied. They can be used with any car, regardless of when it was registered. Dateless plates also include options that are as short as two, three, or four digits (like 9 M), making them highly sought after with some real investment potential.
·         Dateless (Northern Ireland): Northern Ireland style plates include some of the cheapest options of all. They have no year signifier, meaning they are suited for cars registered at any time. They have a range of different number and letter combinations, also making them some of the most customisable options available.

Get started with our private number plate search today

All you need to find the perfect number plate for you or your loved one is an idea. You can type in a three-letter combination you would like, or significant numbers (like a birthday or a lucky number). Narrow the search using the car’s reg. year or choose a dateless option and you can browse a list of exact and near matches, making it easier to find one that best fits your budget and your needs.