New Year Resolutions - Get Fit!

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It’s January, and whilst those New Year resolutions to keep fit are being tested, we’ve got some interesting info that may give you an extra push to keep fit for 2018. A survey took place last December showing that 53% of us said our new year’s resolution is to save money, while the other 45% would like to shape up or lose weight. The logical option would be to stop driving right? You would save money on petrol and you would be burning calories walking or cycling to work. Realistically though not all of us live close enough to work to be able to walk… let alone peel ourselves out of bed an extra 30 mins early. Sadly this is why over 75% of New Year gym bunnies will quit their challenges before March! That’s a huge amount of us that will be back at the biscuits and ready to scoff those Easter eggs.
So we should burn more calories and Trade commuting to work in a car, for a brisk walk or dust off that old bike that’s hiding in the shed… Right? Well that’s not necessarily the case! I bet you didn’t know that the average person burns around 68 calories driving for an hour. That means if you have a hefty 60 minute commute, you will have burnt that breakfast toast off before you even get to work! So maybe you can give the 5am gym workout a miss today?
You might not realise but cars can play a real part in inspiring fitness! Personal trainers are using old tyres to build muscle, shred weight and add some excitement to your sessions. Try it! Flipping tyres around your garden can actually be quite fun! If that’s too easy have you ever considered taking it to the extreme? Work out Eddie Hall style by trying to lift your car… you never know you might be the next World’s Strongest Man. (please only try this if you are supervised, trained and fit enough to do so)

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