New McLaren Senna Launched

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It’s close to half a decade after McLaren’s rule-breaking launch of the McLaren P1 hypercar, and the company has unveiled the second champion in its ultimate high-end series. Yes, the new McLaren Senna is an ultimate road-legal track car that has been named in honour of the McLaren and F1 icon Ayrton Senna. 

More about the new McLaren Senna

The new McLaren Senna comes with a low weight of just 1198kg, power boost to 789bhp and extreme aerodynamics. McLaren Production Centre will assemble the McLaren Senna by hand in England. This production will come with a limit of 500 vehicles, and each of them will cost £750,000 (sold out already). 
The car has an expensive body that primarily comes from the active aerodynamics emanating from the standard teardrop shape. It has a massive front splitter and a rear wing that have active elements and straight flanks. It also comes with wheel arches that are exotically shaped, air-gulping inlets and scoops, and additional subtle strakes and dams. 
According to Auto Express, the same 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged engine that powers McLaren 720S supercar also powers the Senna. However, the manufacturer has upgraded the power output to 789bhp from 710bhp. The Senna remains the most potent road car from McLaren even though Autocar claims that this machine is not tailored to succeed the McLaren P1 hypercar. 

In honour of the Senna family

The McLaren Senna hypercar has been named in honour of the Senna family. Bruno Senna, like his late uncle Ayrton Senna, has graced the tracks for McLaren over the years. Hence, this car has been named in honour of the Senna family legacy.  According to the family, this project is a real recognition of the contribution of Ayrton Senna at McLaren. 
Notably, Ayrton Senna was a legendary Formula 1 driver with a single-minded focus and exceptional concentration power. Hence, with the McLaren Senna, you will connect to the McLaren car through the seat, pedals, and steering wheel. The driver of this machine is in full control because the vehicle communicates any sensation that emanates from driving at high speed.
The McLaren Senna will make its first presentation publicly in March 2018 at the Geneva Motor Show before entering full production during the summer.
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