New Ferrari Portofino Launched

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Ferrari Portofino: Red, Fast, and More Affordable Than Ever

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If someone tells you to think about a super-fast, red sports car, chances are you’ll be imagining a Ferrari. The name is often associated with wealth, success, and an astronomical price tag.

While you’d still be considered very successful if you owned a Ferrari - and maybe cool and creative for putting on some personalised plates on it - the price tag for one just got a lot lower, at least compared to other Ferrari prices. Let’s take a look at how Ferrari started, and how it came a long way to develop the brand new, promising Portofino.


Italian Excellence

The iconic Italian car manufacturer was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1939 and built its first car (Auto Avio Costruzioni 815) in 1940. Only 2 Costruzioni 815 were produced, but they didn’t feature the well-known logo. Both participated in the 1940 Brescia Grand Prix but failed to end the race.

However, the first Ferrari car to flaunt the famous logo was completed in 1947, which is the year attributed to the motor vehicle manufacturer’s debut.

Even though Ferrari lost the 1940 Grand Prix, throughout the years, the company has more than made up for it, winning 16 Formula One championships, with 15 different drivers.


“Entry Level” Fury

Named after an Italian fishing village, the new car serves as a replacement for the California T model.

As mentioned earlier, it comes with a lower price tag than expected from a Ferrari: a brand new Portofino starts at about £150,000.

The Ferrari Portofino gives you around 591 horsepower, with 39 more horses than the California T it replaces. It’s a hardtop convertible that can reach a maximum of 199mph and has a fresh layer of paint with the same name: Rosso Portofino. Today, you can get yourself a fresh pair of Ferrari number plates to go along with that new colour at Primo Registrations UK.

While the pricing of the new sports car can be considered entry level, those power numbers are nothing to laugh at. With a twin-turbo 3.9 litre V8 engine, a stiffer and lighter chassis, electrically assisted power-steering and improved exhaust system, you can expect the Ferrari Portofino to perform a lot better than its predecessor.

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Design, Comfort and Less Drag

The Design and Aerodynamics teams at Ferrari worked closely together to ensure maximum airflow. The large front radiator grille, accompanied by the cleverly placed air intakes on the outside edges of the headlights, along with the ones on the front bumper, help with cooling off the radiator, engine, airflow creation and drag reduction. 

When you get inside, some cool features ensure your comfort. The sporty dash comes with a brand new steering wheel; a 10.2” touch screen display, electrically adjustable seats and improved legroom. Ferrari says that the car also comes with a new wind deflector, which “cuts air flow inside the cabin by 30% and also reduces aerodynamic noise”.

If you have the cash and plan to buy a Ferrari Portofino, make sure you also get your registration plates from Primo Registrations UK to go along with it.