Drive In Style: 11 Reasons to Get a Personalised Number Plate For Your Vehicle

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Personalised number plates used to be only for the rich and famous. They were novelty items that you'd only see on nice cars in big cities, not just anywhere.

Today, personalised plates have become much more common.

They can be spotted on anything from a smart car to a Porsche, and some drivers with more than one car even have a custom plate for each of their vehicles. For them, a personalised number plate is more than a car accessory - it's a fun hobby! 

This is just one of the many reasons why people purchase these interesting plates. Here are 11 other reasons why it's worth investing in a unique number plate. 


1. To Put Your Name on Your Car 

If you're proud of the car you drive and how hard you've worked to earn it, it may make sense to put your name on your car. This is a subtle way to make a big statement. It reflects your confidence as well as your work ethic, and it also ensures you never confuse your car for another's!


2. To Name Your Car 

Instead of putting your name on the car, you might want to name your car. This is something fun that many car enthusiasts like to do, and it can be an interesting conversation starter. Not to mention, there's no limit to what you might come up with.


3. To Express Your Creativity 

In truth, there really is no limit whatsoever when it comes to personalising a car plate. You can say anything you want so long as it's not already on another plate! This leaves so much room for expression - don't let this creative opportunity go to waste. 


4. To Identify with Something You Love 

One way you can be creative with a personalised plate is to talk about something you love. Whether you're a big fan of football, a lover of good food, an outdoorsman or an artist, your personalised plate can help you showcase that passion.  


5. To Turn Heads on the Road 

What some consider a simple accessory can actually be quite impressive to others, especially if you find an out-of-the-box way to combine numbers and letters in the spelling. Other car enthusiasts are sure to notice your plate when you're on the road, and your neighbours and family members may have a few compliments to share, too. 


6. To Complement Your Car

Another reason to own a customized car plate is to complement your car. Think about it: many other drivers on the road may have the same exact make and model as you. A personalised number plate may be just what your car is missing. 

It can make your car stand out no matter how many times other people have seen the same kind of car. The number plate is a memorable touch unlike any other. 


7. To Celebrate an Accomplishment 

Have you recently gotten married? Did you just start your own business? 

These are things worth celebrating! What better way than to show them off to the world than by ordering a number plate for your vehicle that announces this accomplishment?

Regardless of whatever you've recently accomplished, you deserve to celebrate. Plus, years from now, your custom number plate can serve as a reminder of how hard you worked to get to where you are - and motivate you to continue to grow. 


8. To Make an Investment 

No matter how popular personalised car plates get, there will never be one like yours. This is why some car plates can get quite expensive. It's not unheard of for a number plate to cost thousands of pounds. Even if you're able to purchase your car plate at a decent price now, there's no telling how valuable it may be in the future. 


9. To Enjoy a Unique Hobby

As expensive as some number plates can get, there are number plate enthusiasts out there that own multiple high-stakes plates. They love finding unique plates to buy and sell custom plates, and they often travel far and wide to get the plate they want. In fact, number plates have become so popular and so expensive that there are now auctions held specifically for them. 


10. To Continue Tradition

Sometimes, the reason we do something comes down to the fact that it's been passed down to us. This even applies to personalised number plates. There are families, friend groups, and businesses that consider personalised number plates to be a tradition. 

Families may purchase a unique plate as an additional present to a young driver's first car. Friend groups may get together to talk about interesting new plates they have recently seen and want to order. Businesses may make custom number plates for top earners or new partners. This is truly a hobby and/or tradition that anyone can get into if it catches their attention.


11. To Purchase as a Gift 

Maybe you can't understand why someone would purchase a personalised number plate, but you know someone who is already enthralled with this hobby. If so, it might be worth gifting them a plate to add to their collection. 

You can do this to celebrate a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or just because. Either way, the personalised number plate enthusiast in your life is sure to appreciate it! 


Find the Ideal Personalised Number Plate for You

It's one thing to understand the many reasons why drivers purchase personalised number plates, but it can be much harder to actually find the plate you want. Once you decide on what you'd like your plate to say, you have to check if it's available for purchase or if you can create a brand-new plate that isn't a duplicate of another.  

Don't be surprised if it takes you some time before you decide what you want and are able to find it. If you do find your ideal personalised plate quickly, make sure you purchase it right away before someone else grabs it!

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