Can You Sell a Car with A Private Number Plate?

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can you sell a car with a private number plate

As the fuel prices rise, you may wish to sell your car for perhaps something more economical. You then may have questions in relation to your personalised plate that is on your car. The team at Primo Registrations are here to help with this informative blog. 

If your vehicle bears your own private number plate and you want to sell, or even scrap your vehicle, you might be wondering how this process works and what happens to your number plate in this situation.

The process for selling my car with a personalised plate.

If the car is yours then you can indeed sell a car that has a private number plate. There are several options open to you regarding this.

If you are selling the number plate as included with the car then is the quickest and easiest route open to you. This way, you avoid having to swap the plates over, or having to try to sell the plate or put it on retention. The car may also be more desirable, and therefore fetch a higher price. It could also sell more quickly. 

How to sell a car with a private number plate

Just because your number plate doesn’t mean anything to you, it doesn’t mean that sequence of letters and numbers won’t be valuable to someone else. So, if you’re in the process of selling a vehicle, it may make sense to sell the registration plate through a private sale. Alternatively, you may just want to cash in on a personalised plate that is no longer needed.

How you sell your car with a private number plate depends on what you want to do with the registration itself. If you are content to let it go to the purchaser along with the car, then you can simply sell it in the usual way. It is already assigned to that vehicle. 

What are the alternative options?

If you don’t want to let your cherished registration, go to the car’s new owner, then you have two other options.

Transfer the registration

If you already have another vehicle you want to put the registration onto, then you can have it assigned to that vehicle. The original vehicle would then be issued with an age-related registration. This may be the one it initially had before you changed to a private plate.

Retain the registration

You can put a private plate on retention. This reserves your right to use, or sell, the registration in the future.

Selling the private plate separately

If you don’t want to reassign or retain the registration, a good alternative is to sell it separately from the car. It is very likely to fetch a higher price if sold in this way, so it’s certainly an avenue worth exploring. Finding out how much your number plate is worth has never been simpler, just submit your valuation by clicking on the button below and filling out the form. We will then get back to you as quickly as possible, usually within 48 hours, with a guide price for your number plates and more info on how we can help you throughout the sale.


The process of selling a car number plate has never been easier. From quick and easy dialogue to fast sales and fair prices, Primo Registrations will help you maximise the sale of your asset.   So, get in touch and let us assist.