Can I make my own private number plate?

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Can I make my own private number plate?  Can I make my own personal number plate?


Private number plates are not just the domain of the rich and famous. They have become something of a must-have now, with £102 million being spent on them in 2016. But what is making them become so popular? Why are people spending thousands of pounds on a personalized number plate?


Well, it may be because we are all developing deeper attachments and an almost emotional connection to our vehicles. It could also be somewhat of a status symbol or to fit in with the latest trends.It could be that the owner wants to ‘hide’ the age of the vehicle.  It could be because they do not like their original number plate and fancy something a bit different.


What are the rules around private number plates?

While many buyers do purchase private number plates to ‘hide’ the age of their car, it is illegal to misrepresent the age of a car and make it appear to be newer than it actually is. For example, if you have a vehicle from 1998, you cannot put anything on a  private plate that would make it look like it was registered in 2004.


Number plates must always contain a number. Here at Primo Registrations, we only offer number plates that are unregistered and legal. If it is not listed on the site, it is not available for sale. 


Vehicles must also have an up to date MOT, if necessary, and valid road tax, unless exempt to be able to take part in the government transfer scheme.


Where can I buy a private number plate?

We have over 55 million private number plates for sale at the lowest possible prices, so if you are looking for something that means something to you, there is a reasonable chance that you will be able to find it. The searching tool is super simple - simply type in the word or phrase you want, and we will give you some of the closest suggestions. 


The prices are clearly stated, both the registration alone and the price inclusive of all fees and plates. If you are hoping for a real bargain, you can even make us an offer - just make sure it is a sensible one!


How do you build a number plate?

We do the hard work for you, choosing the combination of letters and numbers that best fit your search term. Essentially, there are four types of plate in the United Kingdom:



Any standard car number plate registered after 2001 is in this format. It features seven characters; the first two denoting the region that it was registered in, two numbers which indicate the age of the vehicle (eg 54 = 2004) and three random letters.

Example: AP13 XBU



This type of number plate was used before 1963. These can be any combination of up to four numbers and three letters. There is nothing that shows how old a vehicle is, which makes them highly sought after.

Example: 2 XVA



This was used between 1963 and 1983. The plates all started with the letter A, and the last letter denoted the age of the vehicle - A being 1963. B being 1964 and so on

Example: AFD 321C



This was used between 1983 and 2001 in the UK. The first letter indicated the age of the vehicle - C, for example, was 1985

Example: C309 YGA


Remember, if you do choose to purchase a private number plate, you must inform your insurer.