Birthday Gift Ideas for Your 17 Year Old

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Your teen has had their sweet sixteenth and now their seventeenth birthday is fast approaching; the year they can learn to drive. Are you stuck for ideas on what to get them? Well, look no further.

Here at Primo Registrations we have a range of brilliant gift ideas that your 17 year old will actually appreciate, rather than thanking you for a gift they don’t ever intend on using. Take a look and see what you can find, from driving lessons to the latest gadgets.

Wireless Speakers

If your teen is a music lover, why not buy them speakers? And not just any old speakers: wireless speakers. Youngsters are always on the go these days, so it’s not really worth investing in speakers that they can only use in the house.

Opt for a little unit that not only produces impressive sounds, but looks good too. Let’s face it, no one wants to be lugging around a hefty speaker system that looks like it was made in yesteryear. Choose wireless speakers that expertly blend portability and performance.

Driving Lessons

Your seventeen year old will be chuffed with this present, and why not go that one step further and surprise them by booking a lesson for the day of their birthday. It’ll certainly be a birthday to remember; waking up to discover that driving lessons have been bought for you, and the first one is today! Your son or daughter will always remember that Mum and Dad gave them the gift of driving.

Private Number Plate

So, perhaps you have plans to buy your son or daughter a car for the big birthday: their eighteenth. In which case, why not get them a cheeky spoiler for their seventeenth birthday? Private number plates are a great present because they’re not only personal, but timeless, so it’ll be a much loved accessory for years to come. Everyone loves a personalised prezzie; personalise a number plate and you’ve got a winning birthday present right there.

Selfie Stick

If you plan on getting your teen a big present and lots of little presents, then the selfie stick is the perfect additional gift. Why? They’re all the rage at the moment. Whether your son or daughter is in college, out and about or at a house party (there will be many of these going forward) they’ll want to get snap happy so they can upload these moments to Instagram and Facebook. You can pick up a selfie stick for about a tenner and they are compatible with both Android and iPhone devices.

So now you know what your 17 year old really wants for their birthday. Are you tempted by the idea of a private number plate? If the answer is yes then be sure to check out our range of affordable plates and find the perfect personalised plate for your teen’s birthday.