Are personalised car registration number plates a good investment?

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Are personalised number plates a good investment

Personalised plates have soared in popularity and if bought wisely have been proven to be a worthy investment value particularly since recessionary times. In fact, the number plates are the only part of your vehicle that will appreciate over time. Personalised Car Number Plates such as G 1, X 1 & F 1 have all sold for over £400,000! Here the team at Primo Registrations will discuss the options of the personalised plates they can offer. The personalised plates can be purchased over finance to make it even affordable for you. 


Choosing your personalised number plate!

Personalised number plates are a dream shared by millions of drivers. Sadly, the vast majority wrongly assume that the process is both difficult and expensive. On the contrary, finding and buying your perfect custom licence plates doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, with Primo Registrations it’s as easy as typing what you want into the search bar and hitting the enter button!

You can access our search engine here to start the process. We understand that deciding what you want the private number plate to say will probably be the hardest thing about this process. With over 54 million options available, Primo Registrations is guaranteed to have the perfect private reg solution. There’s never been a better time to finally treat your vehicle to that slice of luxury and style.


Order a premium personalised number plate!

What better way to stand out from a crowd of vehicles than a number plate that doesn’t follow the same number plate conventions as those around you? Whether you’re looking for rare dateless number plates or unique 2-digit plates, our premium selection of unique collector’s number plates will surprise you.

Pop to our premium selection and simply use the buttons on this page to filter between 2-, 3- and 4-digit plates and dateless number plates which are becoming more of a rarity and a highly sought-after number plate in the motoring world. Some of these are unique one-of-a-kind plates that you won’t see anywhere, and others have a unique number and letter combinations that you won’t see for years due to the naming conventions on the number plates.


Buy my personalised plate through finance

You may wish to finance your number plate and wish to explore if you qualify for this. We have a full section on our website dedicated to all your questions on this. At Primo Registrations we aim to do everything we can in order to ensure that your shopping experience is as smooth and hassle-free as possible. That’s why we’ve made sure that the payment process is as straight forward as we can make it.


Make that investment today

Whether you want to buy a number plate, use us to help you sell a numberplate, or want to discuss how you can work closely with the team here, please use the contact form to send anything you'd like to tell us.

Alternatively, if you want to just talk to a REAL person, then call 01252 49 1111 and speak to the Primo team - we look forward to hearing from you soon.