6 Things about Primo Registrations that you may not have known!

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As one of the UK’s premier registration and private plate sellers, Primo Registrations has spent years refining and improving our business. We have built up a professional, courteous, and thoroughly knowledgeable team, and pride ourselves on every single part of our service to customers old and new alike. But there may be a few things you don’t know about Primo Registrations - so read on to find out what you are missing!


1. We sell hundreds of registration plates each and every week

When people in the UK want to buy a number plate, they come to Primo. We sell registration plates of all kinds, from the basic bargains that luckily tally with your name or personality through to the most expensive private registration plates on the planet. Whatever your needs, we have something for you - why not gives us a call or take a look at our current stock online and see what you can find?


2. The most expensive number plate we have available is F1

If you want the ultimate in personalised, private plates, get in touch with us today. The most famous and sought after plate in the world is on sale with us here at Primo Registrations. The F1 private number plate is currently on sale for just over £12 million for registration only, or at an all-inclusive rate with plates at £14.4 million. Do we have any takers out there?


3. The cheapest number plate we have available is just £24.99+ fees

However, don’t assume that you will be priced out of the market here at Primo Registrations. And don’t believe the hype that private plates are just for the wealthy. In fact, you can pick up personalized registrations for just £24.99 plus fees. That works out at less than £140 when you include the plates.


4. We can even offer finance on the number plates that we sell

But what if you are struggling to pay for your private plates up front? We've got that covered too. Our finance offers - dependent on a credit check, of course - give you the opportunity to pay for the registration plates of your dreams over a set period. Call us today to find out more!


5. We have about 150 valuations each day from people wanting to sell their plates

We don’t just sell plates and registrations - we buy them, too. Every day, Primo Registrations receives valuation requests from people all over the country. If you have some interesting private plates that you want to sell, why not let us take a look?


6. We are always expanding and we're currently recruiting for new staff

Do you love the world of private registration plates and want to get involved? If so, contact us today to find out our current vacancies. As a growing business, we are always looking out for fresh talent to help us grow even further. Could you be that person? Why not get in touch and send us your CV to find out?