5 Fantastic Ferrari Number Plates Available

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Ferrari number plates from Primo Registrations

If you’re lucky or rich enough to own a Ferrari, you are clearly someone who appreciates the finer things in life. The beautiful thing about Ferraris is that they are absolutely stunning and that every detail is carefully considered before adding it to the final design. A Ferrari is nothing short of a masterpiece, and the number plate should reflect that. There are a few options for your number plate that would look perfect on your car. Here are some of the best and brightest choices to consider.


1. F1

This number plate works for a few reasons. First, F1 can simply refer to the fact that your Ferrari is number one or that Ferraris, in general, are number one. A little pretentious? Maybe, but you’ll find it very difficult to find anyone who disagrees. Ferraris are awesome, and this number plate reflects that beautifully. However, this isn’t the only meaning.

F1 could also refer to F1 racing where Ferrari have been number one on a countless number of occasions.


2. XFV 458

Why is this such a cool number plate for your new Ferrari? Well, the 458 is one of the best models of the car that was produced from 2009 to 2015. It’s sleek, sexy and stunning and has a killer engine. What about XFV? Well, that may refer to the XFV fight jet from the 70s. This was designed to be the first vertical take-off jet engine. So, basically, with this number plate, you’re telling people that your speedster will take off like a jet. And, if you have a 458, it definitely will!


3. FER 512W

The start of this number plate should be obvious. Just incase people don’t know what you’re driving the first 3 letters should give them a nice clue. The 512 W? That’s a reference to a classic Ferrari. It didn’t have as many curves as the 458, but it was still a stunner. It looks just what you’d expect a nineties sports monster to be. Hard cut edges, flying low to the ground and a gorgeous front with pop up headlights.


4. FER 599W

Again, there’s no harm in giving people an extra hint about the car you’re driving. The 599W refers to the Ferrari 599. From 2006 to 2009 this two-door roaster is named after it’s engine replacement. Beautiful, fun and a whirlwind on the corners you could do a lot worse than number plating your car after this model. Even if you’re not quite lucky enough to own one yourself.


5. FER 328W

Finally, you could opt for 328W with the signature FER. The Ferrari 328 is one of the most popular models available and still is to this day. We’re heading back to the eighties but what an incredible machine. It had everything you could possibly want and more. You can definitely show this number with pride in your machine, no matter what Ferrari you might have yourself.


We hope you have fun with these plates and maybe even choose one for your own Ferrari. Or perhaps just dare to dream.