4 Phenomenal Car Stunts in Film

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Film fanatics, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Primo Registrations, we thought we’d share our favourite car stunts. Take a look to see what has made our list in the wonderful world of film when it comes to remarkable yet oh-so-dangerous car stunts.

  1. Casino Royale (2006)

To keep up with the tradition of including spectacular car stunts, Casino Royale had to feature something pretty amazing. And it did not disappoint. Bond, who we all know is played by Daniel Craig, speeds off in his trademark Aston Martin whilst pursuing his kidnapped love, Vesper (Eva Green).

At the last minute, he sees her bound in the middle of the road and swerves to avoid her. The wet road causes the car to lift off the ground and spin a whopping seven times at an extraordinary 70 mph. Now, if that doesn’t impress you, hear this: the car was actually supposed to do one flip as it was launched by an air cannon off a ramp!

  1. Live Free or Die Hard (2007)

The protagonist of the Die Hard films John McClane (Bruce Willis) drives a car into a helicopter in the fourth instalment of the film series. Now, whilst you might have assumed that this was a CGI moment, the filmmakers did actually launch the car into a stationary helicopter hung by wires. Pretty cool, right?

  1. Death Proof (2007)

Stunts are not typically carried out by the actors and actresses, however, in Death Proof, Zoe Bell (as herself) was put at the centre of Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse segment. Bell, who always does her own stunts and is most probably recognised for her role in this film, is strapped to the bonnet of a car which is being pursued by Kurt Russell’s demonic stuntman Mike. What a fearless actress she is!

  1. Inception (2010)

Who could forget the infamous spinning hallway scene in inception? In this scene, the dreamer is in a van that tips on to its side and rolls down the embankment. Whilst inside the dream, Joseph Gordon-Levitt experiences the dizzying motion from the van but in reality, he is fighting off the thugs in a hallway where gravity ceases to exist.

So, how did they film this memorable scene? Originally, a 40foot long set similar to a hamster wheel was to be built, with cameras mounted to the floor and the walls. However, the scene became increasingly elaborate, so the set grew to an astounding 100foot!

And what’s more astonishing, is that the actors were placed inside the set, rather than stuntmen! They learnt the choreography of the scene for weeks, and after learning the moves for the fight, the room slowly started to spin. The set would spin faster with each practice until eventually they could perform the scene as it was intended to be in the film.

Now, whilst the stunt doesn’t directly involve the van, we couldn’t help but add this one to the list. The van toppling over sparked the stunt after all!

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