13 Cool Gifts for Car Lovers

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Do you have a friend who's really into cars, and you need to get them a gift for some sort of celebration? Car gifts are about more than air fresheners or dash-wipes. For car lovers, there's a lot of things on their bucket list that they'd be sure to enjoy.

If you need to get gifts for car lovers in your life, then these 13 cool ideas are here to help! 


13 Gifts for Car Lovers

Depending on the price range you're aiming for, you'll have a few options. There are premium gifts and there are casual celebration gifts. But it's nice to try and know what someone already has so your gift doesn't get thrown in their trunk. 

But we doubt someone will already have all 13 of these! 


1. A Dash Camera

Have you heard to the stories of people faking accidents to get money from others? This can be a fear for car lovers. 

Having a dash camera to capture events on the footage is an important addition for people who love to drive. 

Whether it's an accident or something cool like a meteorite, the camera will capture what you need so that you don't have to worry about it down the road. 

Car lovers often want something like this, but the price, although relatively fair, can push them away. Thus, you can come in as that perfect friend with the perfect gift.


2. Portable Jump Starter

Being stranded is never fun...for anyone. 

Especially not car lovers. 

It can hurt a car lovers self-esteem to be the person who needs to call a tow truck or friend for a jump. 

Why not be the friend that saves them the inconvenience by getting them a portable jump starter.

These handy little things can even serve as flashlights or charging ports for a mobile phone if needed. 

Not bad for the car lovers...and their friends! 


3. Auto Care Crate

People that enjoy their cars go through quite a few waxes and sprays to keep their ship looking top shape. 

You could be the friend that recognises this and gets them a gift bucket with washes, rags (soft car rags to avoid paint scratches), proper waxes, and maybe even an air freshener thrown in there.

These are great because it's customisable depending on your friend, and although they might not use everything in the bucket, some of it will surely be useful during your friends time of need! 


4. Key Finder

Car lover or not, this gift is perfect for everyone! 

How many times have you lost your keys?

A lot. 


Studies show keys are in the top five things people lose!


Imagine if you had a small tracker that could also beep when you needed. 

Key finders are great, and often sync with apps on your phone so with the touch of a button that hassle of turning your house upside down to find your keys becomes a thing of the past!

For the car lovers out there, they'll love you forever for something like this. 

But you might want to get two key finders because you're going to want one yourself. 


5. Personal Number Plate

Why stick to a random assortment of numbers and letters? 

If you and your friend have code-names or nick-names, gifting them a personalised license plate that's unique to them is truly special.

Whenever they're on the road, people will admire their individuality!


6. Smart Phone Dash Mount

These are things that everyone sees and wants but not a lot of people remember to buy them. 

They're handy. Or...not handy? Keep your hands on the road. That's what they help you do. 

But they serve as great gifts for friends. They're simple, useful, and they help keep everyone safe by keeping people off their phones while driving. 


7. Model Car Kit 

If your friend is into their car, you can get them a smaller die-cast version of it that they can assemble. 

This is a great gift too if you car-loving friend can't afford their dream car yet. You can get them this to remind them to keep reaching for something! 

Or...if your friend had a dream car that was written off or something, you can get them this as a small scale memorabilia piece! 


8. Tool Kit

From wrenches to bits and bolts, car lovers are always in need of spare tools.

Things get lost, some stuff gets loaned, maybe your friend doesn't even have their own set. 

The gift they could use then is a tool kit.

These gifts last a while, too. People are able to add to them and use them for decades to come. So if you're looking to get a usable gift that'll last for your car-loving friend this is it. 


9. Espresso Maker

Another gift that might catch your eye too! 

These little contraptions sit in your cup holder. With a press of a button (and espresso grounds of course), you can have a nice hot shot to drink.

These things draw power from the car, so don't worry about having to have some sort of backup battery or using the portable jump starter!

They're great if your friend is always running late and doesn't have time to brew something at home, or if your friend is always out late and could use a pick-me-up. 


10. Bluetooth Adapter

Bluetooth is the most common connection source we use today. But not all cars have built-in Bluetooth.

But adapters are pretty universal -- they plug into the cigarette lighters like the espresso maker. 

These are great if your friend also loves to jam while they drive. Or maybe you want to jam while riding in the passenger seat! 


11. Race Inspired Watch

If your friend is into speed or timing their gas fill-ups, this watch might be the perfect fit for them!


12. Car Apparel

If your car-loving friend isn't into watches, check out some car inspired t-shirts or hoodies.

From name brand companies to nitch groups, there's something for every car enthusiast. 


13. Driving Shoes

Loafers are something comfortable that you can't go wrong with.

These aren't something your friend will drive to work in, but when they want to go for a cruise then these could be their go-to wear. They can also change when they arrive at their destination and drive in comfort.


More Driving

We hope this list has given you a few ideas for when you're trying to come up with gifts for car lovers. If you're looking for more car news and ideas, head on over to our articles page where we have lots of content! 

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