10 Most Inspiring Private Number Plates

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You've bought the car you love, but you can never find it in the car park because there are so many others like it. What's worse is that you can't remember the registration number. Do you try to get into someone else's car by mistake and then wonder why your remote is not working?

Clearly, you need a set of private number plates!

Personalised number plates, as they are also called, tell the world that you are more than just a number. You are an individual with a chosen lifestyle, a specific talent or profession, or perhaps a quirky sense of humour.

And you can put that message out there with class. But where do you begin, and where do you look for inspiration?

Look no further, because we have collected a few sources of inspiration for you.

We'll start at ? 10 and work our way up.

No 10

Searching for Available Private Number Plates

Ironically, this one is at the bottom of the charts because our super-fast Search box should be your first port of call.

Here, you can search for letter and number combinations that you might already have in mind. It's a fun way to get a good understanding of what your many options are.

For example, I was born in 1964, and quite enjoy the idea that I am a bit mad.  So I entered my initials (I have only two).

I am delighted to report that XX64 MAD came up at the top of the list, and was available for purchase online right away for £346.99. I could also get XX64 FAB for the same price. Perhaps I would rather be fabulous than mad or maddening. Choices, choices.

Of course, my initials are not XX, but both these XX plates are currently available. So is XX64 LUV, and similar.

True inspiration comes when you click on the Order Online to get a preview of what the number plates look like on a car. I can tell you that these plates suit a late model SUV perfectly – if you like SUVs.

If you can't find what you want immediately, Primo Registrations can handle the whole process for you and liaise with the DLVA. Primo's prices are also cheaper: test it for yourself.

We are officially registered with the DVLA, or Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency. Speak to us if you want to register your interest in particular private number plates placed on auction from time to time.

That's enough of the facts and figures for now. Let's move on to the fun part of sparking a few ideas to get you started.


No 9

Letters & Numbers Substitution

UK number plates must have at least one number and one letter. Unlike the USA, it is not possible to have the word of your choice without any number. So numbers that look like letters of the alphabet are the next best thing. 

The word "number", for instance, can be created using the digits 8 and 3: NUM 83R


Letters that look like numbers:

  • A 4
  • B 8 or 13
  • D 0
  • E 3
  • F 7
  • G 6
  • H 11
  • I 1
  • L 1 or I
  • N 1V
  • O 0
  • Q 0 or O
  • R 12
  • S 5
  • T 7
  • U V
  • V U
  • W VV
  • Y 7

Numbers that look like letters

  • 0 D or O
  • 1 I or L
  • 3 E
  • 4  A
  • 5  S
  • 6  C or G or B
  • 7  T or Y
  • 8  A or B
  • 9 G

Here are a few mildly funny car plates with effective use of number and letter substitution.

For the angry, impatient types. If this is something you say often, perhaps this is the tag for you.

OHP 155F

For webmasters, or computer geeks generally:


For a brewery owner, or beer lover:


For the mechanically minded:



No 8

Saucy But Not Obscene

The DLVA released the 69 series plates in early May 2019, but some things are "too rude for cars", as the Daily Mail online reports. 

Any plates which could cause embarrassment or offence, or which are in poor taste are removed from circulation and never issued. Even so, the Police could stop you and fine you £1,000 or more for a private number plate that goes way beyond the pale.

Decisions as to what makes the grade are hard. What we now know is that ME69 LOL is fine, while OR68 ASM is not. 

It seems that the G 5POT has been found, and quite a few other risqué number plates, some of which are hot, some not.

Perhaps it is worth mentioning that you'll want to choose something that you are going to like for a long time.


No 7


If your name is Mark, and you have a need for speed, you're in luck: 

MRK 1 is an option. Similarly, AL11 SON and a host of other first names can be found by conducting a search – see ? 10 above. Shorter surnames are also popular.


No 6

My Home Town

Some people like to advertise where they're from.


is a case in point.

So is 5 OHO.

If you cannot find the name of your town, your postcode will serve just as well. 

SW 1 is a tad pricey, but if you ever get lost, someone could point you in the right direction.


No 5

Professional Success

What better way to celebrate success in your chosen profession? That's what celebrity hairdresser Nicky Clarke did as long ago as 2006:



No 4

Rare Air

Private number plates reading ALL 6OOD and FT 100 were auctioned in 2018.

ALL 6OOD good gets points for its uplifting simplicity. Wouldn't you love to see this number plate on a really old car that barely scrapes through its MoT each year?

FT 100 ranks high for being brazen. No doubt, this is a quality that you need to make it to the top 100 companies quoted on the London Stock Exchange.


No 3

Red Ferrari

Searches for car tag ideas suitable for fab women turned up very little, so the Red Ferrari with 


comes third in the inspirational rankings. The link tells you that this personalised number plate was for sale three years ago. Beth has most likely managed to find a cool licence plate that reads CE08 ETH for her new Porsche by now. Who knows?


No 2

Queen of Sound

OOH 848Y... 

... just gotta get right outta here!

This private number plate gets the Number 2 slot for sheer uplifting liberation. All those who love to sing along at the top of their voice to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" while on those long car trip will know the feeling.

It's infectious: soon, anyone who sees these cool licence plate words will be singing along too.


No 1

Making Your Mark

This number plate is ranked Number 1 here because it combines class and wit. Scroll down to see the 

AV 1

registration affixed to a Rolls Royce.

It's probably safe to assume that the custom-built audiovisual system in the vehicle in question is tops (Refer ? 2 above).

As the old saying goes about the Rolls, if you need to ask the price, you cannot afford it. This is probably true for the AV 1 private number plate too.

In any case, the article featuring the image of AV 1 gives you a good idea of the vast range from astronomical to affordable for the majority.


Unique You

Private number plates give an inimitable touch of style to your car.

Your car is in many ways an extension of you and your personality.

Get a personalised number plate that is meaningful to you. It's an awesome way to say something to the world – wherever you go.

Get in touch with us at Primo Registrations now. We're here to help you navigate your options and opportunities with confidence.

We are a DVLA-registered supplier of number plates, and just waiting to find the private number plate that's right for you!