Switching Letters for Numbers: Creative Private Number Plate Ideas

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Switching letter for numbers

According to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), personalised number plates are growing in popularity like never before. 

You've probably noticed other drivers sporting custom number plates. And now you fancy your own personalised number plate

However, before you decide on your number plate, you need to know the art of switching letters for numbers. 

You don't want other drivers struggling to make out what your number plate means all the time. Follow our guide to which numbers are best to replace letters.

Let's go!



Let's start with the number '0'.

Among all of the different numbers, the one most similar to a particular letter is probably the number '0'.

If you want the letter 'O', you don't need to compromise at all. For example, you can spell the word 'GO' like this 'G0'. 

Unfortunately, switching numbers for letters doesn't get any easier than this.



It is commonly used as the letter 'I' by many people. You can also use it to make the letter 'L'. 

When you can't use either 'L' or 'I', the number '1' serves as a replacement. 

However, sometimes, you want to use the '1' as a number. For example, if you want to say you're the 'number one CEO' you can write '1 CEO'. 



Now for number 2. 

Many people use the number '2' as a replacement for the letter 'Z'. 

You may be surprised to discover that 'Z' is not used as an option for number plates in many countries. 

Therefore, if you want to use 'Z', why not use the number '2' instead? You could go with '200M' instead of 'ZOOM'.

However, you could also use the number '2' as a replacement for the word 'to' or 'too'. For example, you could spell '2 SLO'. 

If you need the letter 'R', you can always switch it for the number '2'. This usually makes sense to people.



What about the number 3?

If you want a replacement for the letter 'E' for your number plate, the number '3' could be right for you.

This is quite common. 

If you want to use the word 'EASY' just write '3 ASY'.



The number '4' is a useful alternative for the letter 'A'. 

If you want to show off your speed with the number plate 'FAST' change it to 'F45T'. 

You can also use the number '4' phonetically. Such as, if you want to spell the word 'for', you could use it. For example, in the case of '4 YOU'. 



The number '5' has always been used to replace the letter 'S'. 

If you need an 'S' for your custom number plate, then you could always use '5' instead. 

If you want to spell 'KISS YOU', you can choose the letters/numbers 'K155 Y0U'. 



The number '6' is not always so easy to use instead of a letter. It depends on the font style adopted by each country. 

However, in some countries, the number '6' can be used to replace the letter 'G'. This is simply because it appears similar.

Then, there is also the letter 'C' which shares the shape of the number '6'.

Furthermore, if you're desperate for the letter 'B', you could also use the number '6' for your custom number plate.



When it comes to lucky number '7', you're unlucky if you want to use it as a replacement for a letter.

You may find that in some font styles the number '7' resembles the letter 'T'. Occasionally, you may also be able to use the number '7' as a 'Y'. 



The number '8' can replace the letter 'B' quite effectively. You can also spell the word 'BABY' as '8 ABY'.

It has also been used as a letter 'O'. However, this can sometimes result in confusions. 



Did you realise you could use the number '9' as a replacement for the letter 'G'?

This doesn't act as a very good capitalized 'G' but rather a lower-case 'g'. For example, if your name is 'Maggie' you could write it as 'MAG 91E'.

You can also use the number '9' as phonetically. For example, you can write 'canine' with the combination of 'K9' to make other drives chuckle.



Now we've done with the single digit numbers, let's look at some of the double-digit numbers. 

The number '10' can be used to replace the letters 'IO' or 'LO'.

For example, if you wanted to spell the word '10L' ('laugh out loud').

If you want to big up your electric car's sustainability credentials, you could spell out 'BIO' with 'B10' on your number plate.



Legs eleven?

There are several uses for the number '11'.

This includes the very helpful replacement of the double 'L'. If you can't get your hands on the letters for 'LL', then you could go with '11'.

With the help of a '4', you can spell out the word 'ALL' as '411' without any letters.

You can also use the number 11 for the letters 'U' or 'H'. 



The number '12' is a replacement for the letter 'R'. If you squint, the combination of the numbers '1' and '2' resemble the letter. 

For example, 'ROSY' can be '12 OSY'. But that's not always clear to other drivers.



The number '13' makes an excellent 'B'. 

If you're in need of spelling out the word 'BATS', you could go with '13 ATS'. 


Switching Letters for Numbers

If you want to purchase a personalised number plate, then you're never going to get your perfect set of letters and numbers. Therefore, sometimes, you need to get creative with switching letters for numbers to create the message you want.

By following our personalised plate ideas, you can make other drives laugh and cheer when they see your number plate.

Check out our website to find your personalised number plate today.