Can I put a Private Number Plate on a Motability Car?

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We have helped hundreds of our customers when buying a private number plate for their Motability funded vehicle.

In order to ensure you can add a personalised number plate to your vehicle, you will first need to telephone Motability Customer Services on 0300 456 4566. When you call, they will ask you for some important details, namely clarifying that the private number plates will be owned by you or a partner who lives with you, and that they are going to be fitted for your benefit. The private number plate must relate to either you or your partner.

You will need to establish from them who the registered keeper of the vehicle is. This could be you or Motability - it is important to know this detail as it has to go onto the certificate that we will then supply you with. 

Once you have found your perfect private number plate and purchased it, we will supply you with an updated Retention Certificate (V750), normally with 3-7 working days. Once received, you then contact Motability Customer Services again, with the details from the certificate that we will have sent you. They will then be able to deal with the transfer onto the vehicle, the only thing you’re left to do is to put your new shiny supplied number plates on.

Please note: There are some registrations that will take longer than the 3-7 working days, so it is worth checking with us beforehand.

Taking your Private Number plate off your Motability vehicle

When you want to remove your new private number plate there are two difference processes that you must follow if you are returning your car or transferring the private reg plate between vehicles:-

1. If you are transferring your registration from one vehicle to another and you are planning to, or have already placed an order for your new Motability Scheme car, simply contact your supplying dealer to request to transfer your personalised plate to the new car. It's advisable to confirm this with your dealer as far in advance as possible. 

Your dealer will check that the plate complies with our Scheme rules as part of the transfer process. Once the process has been completed, Motability with update their details with the new registration details. The DVLA currently charge a fee of £80 to transfer a number plate between vehicles.


2. If you are returning your vehicle and don’t have another to put the private registration onto you will need to retain the registration via the DVLA. 

Motability will write to you approximately four weeks before you are due to end your current lease with more information. 
You can complete this process on the DVLA website. The details you will need are the registration number you want to keep, your postcode from the V5C along with the document reference number from the V5C (this will be sent to you in their letter). You should also have a debit or credit card to hand to pay the DVLA fee, which is currently £80. Once the plate has been removed using the DVLA system, you will need to arrange for the replacement age-related plates to be made and fitted to the vehicle within three working days.


If you require any further information on this process please don't hesitate to give our colleagues a call on 01252 491111.