Cheap Private Number Plates under £200

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At Primo Registrations, we offer a huge range of private registrations and number plates. We have millions of options available, including a variety of cheap private number plates under £200. We feature an extensive list with all of our cheapest number plates. You might even be able to get them for cheaper thanks to our “Make Offer” feature.
There are plenty of reasons to choose one of the cheap private number plates  on offer. For one, they allow you to hide the age of your car with a dateless registration. A plate following the old UK formatting style can really show its age and our selection can help do the opposite. However, you might have trouble finding plates that fit your budget. Our cheapest number plates could be exactly what you need, so take a look and see if any strike a chord with you.

How did they get so cheap?

Many of our cheapest plates follow the Northern Irish formatting style. There are much more options available than in other formats (though they all come from the same place and can be registered anywhere). NI private number plates follow a system of three letters and four numbers, like TIG 8159. Those on the old UK system show a letter, three numbers, and three letters (like A 123 ABC) while the newer UK system shows two letters, two digits, and three letters without a space (like A12ABC). There are plenty following the UK format that are just as cheap if you prefer it, however.

Personalised plates between £22.99 and £200

Besides the much lower price, the format of our cheapest number plates also allows for some personalisation. For instance, many of the letter combinations can be perfect for choosing a plate that matches the initials in a name. As for the numbers, many of our customers choose numbers that represent important dates, such as a birthday or wedding anniversary. Whether you want to give your motor your own personal spin or you think that a private number plate would be the perfect gift for a loved one, there are plenty of options to browse through and you might just find the perfect plate. Regardless, a cheap private number plate will make your car much more recognisably yours.

A range of styles to choose from

As mentioned, Northern Ireland plates are regularly our most budget-friendly options. All the selections featured on this page cost less than £200, making them the cheapest number plates you can find, however, and there are different styles you can choose between. These include:
·         Current
·         Dateless
·         Prefix
·         Suffix
Depending on what you want, a particular format might be the best option for you. If you want your car to show its age, a dateless number plate is the only legal way to make sure that it doesn’t. Meanwhile, the Northern Ireland style makes it a lot easier to choose personal options that feature shorthand names, initials, or birthdates. All of our plates can be registered to anywhere in the UK and can be driven anywhere, too.

Why choose Primo Registrations

Besides offering some of the cheapest number plates on the market, the best reason to choose Primo Registrations is thanks to the sheer convenience we offer. Besides the initial prices, we also feature the all-inclusive prices, showing the total cost of a plate when all the necessary fees are applied. The registration has its own price, then the price of the plate has to be added on top. Some suppliers don’t show the price of the plate or offer only the registration itself, meaning you don’t always know what you’re getting. At Primo, transparency and affordability are our top priorities.
All-inclusive prices aren’t the only benefit we offer, however. We also have services like 0% financing on all purchases, fast-tracked transfers to get your plates to you sooner, and secure online ordering, so you know you can trust our store.

Make an offer for a fairer price

Have you spotted a registration that you think you could get for even less? You might be right. However, at Primo Registration, we pride ourselves on offering the cheapest number plates. You will see all of our registrations have a “Make Offer” button beside them. Click it and you can make use of our lowest price guarantee to suggest a fair price. If you can find it cheaper, we can match it and provide the full breakdown of costs, so you’re never confused as to what the total all-inclusive price is. No matter what, you will always be able to rely on use for cheap private number plates under £200.
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