You Know You Need a Personalised Number Plate When...

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You’d love to buy a personalised number plate, but first you want some reasons that justify why you need one, right? Well, look no further, here you can discover the tell-tale signs. You know you need a personalised number plate when…

  1. You’ve Had a Promotion at Work

You deserve to treat yourself; you’ve worked your socks off! Plus, a pay rise usually comes hand in hand with a promotion so you can afford to splurge on yourself and buy that personalised number plate you’ve had your eye on for a while.

Job Promotion

  1. You’ve Bought a New Car

If you’ve recently bought a new car then you’ll no doubt want to accessorise it, right? However, be sure not to purchase any tacky accessories like the ones listed here. Instead, jazz up your new motor with a private car registration.

New Car

  1. You Love Your Pet and Want to Shout About it

Your friends and family know you love your precious pet; you couldn’t be without him or her! In fact, you can’t wait to get home from work so you can be together again. So, why not show your undying love to the world (or at least other drivers) with a private number plate? You know it makes sense.

Pet Love

  1. You’re a Sport Enthusiast

Show your adoration for your favourite sports team or player by displaying it on a personalised number plate. You’ve gone passed the age of having posters up on the wall and sport themed bedding, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show still off your love for the sport! Where there’s a will there’s a way and a private car registration is the answer.

Sport Enthusiast

  1. You Like Being Different

A personalised number plate is certainly unique, so if you like standing out from the crowd then a private plate is the way forward. Whether you choose a plate that represents your personality, profession or partner, you’ll effortlessly set your car apart from others on the road.


  1. You Have a Memory Like a Goldfish

If your memory is rubbish, you probably forget your number plate all the time. And whist this may not sound like a big deal, it’s really not ideal when you’re at a pay and display machine in a car park and need to enter your car registration. With a personalised plate, you’ll choose to have something that’s significant to you; therefore you’re unlikely to forget it!


So, now you know why you need a personalised number plate. Are you tempted to take the plunge? Then browse and buy our wide range of plates today and find one that perfectly expresses who you are.

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