Where's there's Muck there's Brass!

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We were recently asked to go onto ITV's StorageHoarders programme to discuss the value of a number plate that had been found hidden in the owners barn - what a lot of people don't know is that their current vehicle registration number maybe worth some money to them. If you'd like to watch the full programme you can do by clicking the link at the button, and ignoring the spoiler in the next paragraph!

Pub Landlord Mike had been hoarding a lot of his childhood belongings in his barn and his wife was getting fed up of it, so wanted to turn it into some money. As you watch the programme (there are two stories in this episode) Mike empties the barn of his belongings, which include a very old motorbike with a dateless numberplate on it, to sell at auction. Our managing director, Peter, talks to Mike about the bike and the history of plates, and what makes a plate worth money. It turns out that the plate is actually worth more than everything else combined in his little hoard - proof indeed that popular plates are great investments!

You can now watch the full programme by clicking here. If you'd only like to see the bit about the number plates simply skip to 37 minutes onwards.