Valentines Presents

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Whether you're rushing out for those last minute petrol station flowers, or adding the finishing touches to your home made gift, we are all feeling the love. Valentine's Day is approaching and although not all of us think it's a holiday worth celebrating, we at Primo can't help but fall head over heels for the annual day of love.  We've put together a collection of our fave valentine's facts to get you in the mood. 

Wedding Bells

Over 2 million of us get married every single year and let's face it we all enjoy a good wedding don't we. Whether it's cheesy dad dancing or getting dressed up and eating endless amounts of cake, there's something about a wedding that even you men can't help but love. With the growing trend of wedding shows like 'Don't tell the bride' and 'Say yes to the dress' you lads are getting involved and being inspired to ask your loved one for their hand in marriage. On Feb 14th roughly 6 million of you will get engaged making February the second most popular month after December for proposals! Maybe it's time to buy those newlywed personalised registrations after all…

Blooming Lovely

Now, you don't have to be the next god of love to know that the way to a woman's heart is sparkly things, chocolates or flowers. In fact, last year over 50 million roses were gifted to a loved one on Valentine's Day alone! The roman goddess of love took a fancy to these little blooms too and it's said that in particular Venus adored red roses.

Heart On Your Sleeve

Receiving a valentine today is a sign someone cares about you, whether it be a secret crush or loved one. But take it back to the Middle Ages and it's a whole different story. It's said that back then Young men and women would draw names from a bowl to see who their special someone would be. The lucky ladies names would be added to the bowl and single men of the town would pick a name and pin it to their sleeve for a whole week! This would show everyone in the town who their valentine was. 

Gift Of Love

Valentine's is notorious for its extravagant, quirky gifts. It's a battle between making the decision to go all out with an expensive and unique gift idea or make it personal and simple. Here at primo we think we've found just the gift for you! Let's be honest, this close to Christmas we could really do without having to pay for yet another 'holiday' but it doesn't have to be all that expensive. Imagine your loved ones face when you present to them a private plate. You can make your number plates as personal as you like by including initials or maybe a significant date. This ensures your valentine knows just how special they are and we guarantee it won't disappoint.  We've pulled together some of our best themed cherished plates to give you some inspiration.

Valentines number plates - HOT 56X 

Valentines Number Plates - K155 ESS

Valentines Number Plates - YE54 LUV

Sexy Number Plate - SEX 1E

XXX Registration Plate - XXX 2

So if you're ready to get a customised reg plate this valentine then head to Primo now. If you don't fancy digging through our 50 million plates then why not give us a call. One of our sales team will be happy to help find the perfect reg for your special someone.