Top Tips for a Successful Car Boot Sale

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Summer is here! And in-between camping trips, holidays abroad and BBQs, there’s time to lap up those rays at a car boot sale and earn yourself a bit of extra pocket money, whilst also decluttering your home!

Want to know how to turn your trash into cash? Take a look here to find out how to make your car boot a success.

Go the Distance

More often than not, the best and busiest car boot sales are the ones that are a little further than just down the road. However, it’s worth travelling the distance if you’re more likely to flog all those books and toys (which haven’t been of use to you for years, you hoarder!).

So, do your research: consider petrol money, car pitch charges and the start time to decide on where the most convenient place is and how far you should travel for your car boot sale.

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Become an Early Bird

If you struggle to get up in the mornings then snoozing that alarm is a big no-no. How early are we talking? Well, those eager beavers are already in the entry queue come 6am, so you may need to get up as early as 5 to ensure you get a good pitch.

Be sure to get a good night’s sleep and make a flask of tea for the road, it’ll most definitely help!

Acquire a Helper

It’s always best to have a helping hand at a car boot sale. Why? Well, asides from having someone to chat to, you’ll have someone to man the stall if you need a toilet break or fancy grabbing a bite to eat.

You also have an extra pair of eyes to watch your stuff, which is extremely handy when there could be thieves lurking about. They may take your stuff when you’re busy trying to deal with a haggler.

Always Have Change

The last thing you want to be doing is taking less for an item because you don’t have the right change. Be sure to have bags of coins; you’ll no doubt come across people wanting to pay for a 50p item with a £20 note.

Bring Bags… and Lots of Them!

Yep, we’re in full support of you looking like a crazy bag lady or man. Trust us, an abundance of bags will be handy. Buyers often come unprepared and if you have bags to supply them with, they’re more likely to buy more from you!

And if you’re selling anything breakable then bubble wrap and tissue paper are well worth stocking up on too.

Bring Bags... and Lots of Them!

Prepare for Rain

Even if the weatherman says otherwise, it may rain on the day. So, prepare for typical British weather by bringing along a large plastic covering. This will protect your goods from getting very wet and if you manage to get a transparent one, your items will still be on show.

Prepare for Rain

So, now you know our tips for a top car boot sale. Whilst we may not have lots of treasures and trinkets to tempt you with, we do have a selection of personalised number plates. Fancy putting that car boot profit towards a treat for yourself (and your car)? Then be sure to browse our plates on your return!