Top Ten Presents for His 50th Birthday

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When a man gets to a certain age they pretty much have everything they really want, this can make it incredibly difficult to find a present. So, when it’s a special birthday like his 50th it is important to go the extra step to get it right!

Here are ten gift ideas to make his 50th birthday go down a storm:

#1 Whisky - Fifty is an age of sophistication and nothing says that quite like a perfectly aged whisky. Don’t go with any of the cheap or popular brands, find something that they are likely to enjoy and has a good heritage to it.


#2 Watch – time may be going by too fast, but at least with a fancy new watch for their birthday they can count the seconds in style. Why not add a personal note by engraving the bottom of the watch, this can make an already special present even better.


#3 Golf clubs – the perfect present for any golf lover is a brand new set of clubs, this may not be the cheapest present but it will definitely be appreciated. If you are on a budget then why not look at just buying them a new driver or putter? It’ll be just as appreciated and a lot cheaper for you!

#4 Season tickets – why not make their entire year by getting them season tickets to their favourite team? This is a brilliant present for anyone who loves their sport, just make sure you get them tickets for the right team!


#5 The ultimate BBQ kit – every man loves to BBQ so why not splash out and get them the ultimate BBQ kit? This will mean that you are going to have some awesome BBQs in the summer, so it really is a win-win for everyone!


#6 Flying lessons – are they having a little tiny mid-life crisis? Flying lessons could be exactly what’s called for and you never know it could end up being a life-long hobby!


#7 Wallet – every man needs somewhere to keep all their cash and cards. A good quality, well designed wallet can be hard to come across, making this an absolutely phenomenal present if you can find one.


#8 Personalised number plates – there comes a time in your life when you want something that’s better than average and personalised number plates offer just that. The prices can vary greatly depending on the type of plate you go for, but remember that special person will only turn 50 once and personalised plates can last a life time.


#9 4k HD TV – TVs are constantly being updated and changed, so for their 50th birthday present why not get him a future proof TV? These TVs feature the best possible image quality and aren’t likely to have anything better within the decade making this a great gift.


#10 Champagne ­– this is a time to celebrate after all so make sure your get them a great bottle of bubbles to crack open to mark their 50th birthday.