Top 10 Truths About Driving in the UK

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You may have read our blog on fascinating facts about cars, but there is also a wealth of interesting facts about driving in the UK too. Want to know what these are? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here you can uncover facts and figures that are certain to surprise you.

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  1. There Are Plenty of Pink Cars in Ipswich

You’ve all played the yellow car game, right? Basically, you have to spot a yellow car on the road and call it! Well, it’s a shame that there’s no game that applies to pink cars because in Ipswich there are loads! In fact, the town has the highest concentration of pink cars in the UK.

Pink Car

  1. UK Drivers Are Speedy!

In the last five years, almost one in six UK motorists has been caught speeding. Are you one of them?  Then be sure to take a look at our trusty tips for safe driving here.

Speed Camera

  1. Great Britain’s Total Road Length is Estimated to be 245,400 Miles

How far is that? Well, if you were to lay out these roads in a straight line into space, you’d go past the moon, which is 238,855 miles away from Earth. Fancy that!


  1. Silver is the UK’s Favourite Colour

In 2012, a whopping 7,996 383 silver cars were on the roads. Who would have thought?

Silver Car

  1. The UK Driving Test has a 50.2% Pass Rate

And that’s just for the theory test. The pass rate for the practical test is even lower at 47.2%.

  1. There Are Less Petrol Stations Now Than in 1970

Do you sometimes struggle to find a petrol station? Well, that’s because there are only around 8,600 stations in the UK. However, in 1970, there were 37,000.


  1. There Are 35,760,901 Vehicles on UK Roads…

This works out as roughly one car for every two people!


  1.  … Which Means We Spend a Lot on MOTs!

If all these vehicles were put through MOTs, the cost would amount to at least £1,961,485,419.85. Pretty crazy, right?

  1. 92% of us Class Ourselves as Good Drivers…

We’re not modest at all, are we?!

Good and Bad

  1. … But 65% of us Confess to Breaking the Speed Limit

Not such a clever idea when you run the risk of getting a fine and penalty points, or worse, losing your licence completely.


There you have it, now you know of some interesting facts about driving in the UK! Did you enjoy learning? Then be sure to check out our blog posts below to further expand on your knowledge!

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