Top 10 Awesome Benefits of Getting a Personalised Number Plate

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Top 10 Awesome Benefits of Getting a Personalised Number Plate

£111 million -- that's how much personalised number plate sales raked in back in 2017. And you know what? One driver paid a whopping £56,000 on a single plate.

That's not all. The sales of five plates was all it took to raise £250 grand. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency sold all those five last year.

So... What's all the hype around these personalised car plates? What's so special about them that people are splashing out so much moolah on them?

A lot, but we'll start off with 10 of them. By the end of this post, we're pretty sure you'll want your own.


1. Personalised Number Plates are the Ultimate Personalisation

We call them personalised plates because they're exactly that. They're the ultimate personalisation. That alphanumeric set can represent your name, your initials, or even what you do for a living.

There are so many ways to switch letters with numbers, like 4 for A, 3 for E, 1 for I, 0 for O, or 11 for U among many others. That alone already gives you thousands of options to have your name in your custom plate.

Let's say your folks named you Peter, like thousands of other people. Make your own number plate, and you can set yourself -- and your vehicle -- apart from others. To give you an idea, you can go for "P3 TER" or "PET 3R" or whatever allowable combination you can think of.

The bottom line is, you can be as creative as you want when personalising your plate. How you define "personalised" is completely up to you. Aside from your name, it can have something to do with your kids, your hobbies, or your job.

Not sure what your allowable options are for custom number plate registrations? This handy guide we created is for you then.


2. It's Yours and Yours Alone

Because they're licence plates, they need to be one of a kind. But why not take this a notch higher and make it even more unique? That statement plate, which is unlike anything else, is yours to keep, for as long as you want.


3. It's a Form of Investment

Many of those with custom plates regard this as a valuable investment. If you buy a highly-sought after number plate, its value will appreciate over time.

A good example is Afzal Kahn's "F1" number plate. He bought it for £440,000 back in 2008, which is already a lot, right? But as of April this year, its listing price was at a shocking £12,250,270.83.

You read that right. The current value of that "F1" plate has multiplied almost 28 times. That should already tell you how amazing these custom plates' appreciation rate is.


4. It Sets Apart Your Ride

If you check out this list of custom number plates, you'll know what we mean. Some of them are downright hilarious, while others will make you say, "I should have thought of that first!"

Now, consider this. Ford Fiesta, the most popular car model in the UK, had more than 94,500 new sales in 2017. This continued on to 2018, with the model having had over 5,500 new registrations in October alone.

So, if you've got a Fiesta, that means you share the roads with hundreds of thousands of other Fiestas. The only sure way you can set apart your ride is with a personalised licence plate.

No matter how common your ride's make and model is, customising its plate will make it stand out.


5. It Gives Even More Meaning to Your Wheels

Does your car hold any special or sentimental value aside from being your trusty banger? If so, then you can use a personalised plate to reflect this meaning.

Custom plates aren't only for show. They can also hold meanings that only you would understand. They give more value, whether personal or financial, to the machine you attach them to.


6. You Can Use It as a Form of Branding

The UK is home to 5.7 million SMEs (small to medium enterprises). If you own one of these businesses, then you know how tight the competition is.

With that kind of market, you'd do everything to get the word out about your business, right? So, why not consider making a statement by using your car as a branding tool? Aside from vehicle wraps, you can also get a custom plate that reflects your brand.


7. Make Your Car's Age a Secret

You've taken so well of your ride over the years, but you still want to keep its age a secret. In that case, you should consider a dateless personalised plate. You could even shock people when you tell them how old your ride is, especially if it doesn't look its age.


8. You Don't Have to be a Millionaire to Buy One

Granted, some of the costliest personalised plates are worth six digits, even half a mil. That doesn't mean you can no longer afford one.

Today, you can get yourself one of these unique plates for only £300! Want a complete package, including the plates themselves and the registration fees? You'll find some offered for only (or even less than) £150.

So, no. You don't have to have millions of pounds in the bank to enjoy the benefits of custom plates.


9. It's a Great Gift for the Auto Enthusiast in Your Life

Can't think of anything to give your engine-loving family member or friend? If so, then a personal registration plate will do the trick. Plus, they're super easy to order online, so no problem at all.


10. It's the Perfect Gift for the Auto-Loving You

A personalised plate is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Plus, because it's unique and you chose the number yourself, you'll never forget what your number is.


Ready to Make Things Personal?

As you can see, a personalised number plate offers more benefits that you can imagine. So, before someone snaps up that number you want, get it first.

We'll make things even easier for you. Use our online tool now to find the private plate that'll make your car even more one-of-a-kind.