This Week's Top Stories About Personal Number Plates

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It has been another busy week in the world of number plates, with major news stories happening both domestically and on the global scene.

In fact, this week has arguably been more significant than most, with private number plates and the future of number plates providing hot talking points. Here’s a brief look at the three main stories to surface over the last seven days.


#3. Plates That Are Too Rude For The Roads

With the new number plates hitting the road last month, thousands of motorists are now driving the roads with the latest options. However, there are a number of 18 plates that won’t be seen as they are deemed offensive or vulgar.

In addition to not producing those plates as standard, the DVLA bans them from private registrations. While this is something that happens with each batch of new number plates, the latest ones to enter the prohibited list are now known. They include; BA18 BAG; BO18 CKS, TO18 SER, and VA18 NAS.

Some of the list will produce a cheap laugh, but only for a brief moment. In all honesty, we’re not sure why anyone would want those messages displayed on their cars for the long haul anyway. Paying for them? That would be nothing short of crazy.


#2. World’s Most Expensive Number Plate Up For Sale

While private number plates are increasingly affordable at the lower end of the spectrum, this week saw huge news as well-known automotive designer Afzal Khan has put the sought-after “F1” private number plate up for sale. Incredibly, it has been valued at a staggering price of £14.4m including fees.

The plate, which currently adorns his Bugatti SuperSport Blue Carbon, is one that virtually all driving fans dream of for obvious reasons. If Khan’s asset is successfully sold, it will smash all records to become the highest-selling number plate in history. Even with inflation taken into account.

After purchasing it for ‘just’ £440k a decade ago, any sale would signal a massive return on investment. As far as most drivers are concerned, it’s comforting to know that other private number plates can be bought for under £150 including all fees.


#1. Are Digital Number Plates On The Way?

Dubai’s RTA (Road Transport Authority) has announced plans to incorporate digital number plates in a bid to aid the emergency services whenever road accidents occur. The system was demonstrated at the Future Cities Show, with the city eager to start its trial before the end of 2018.

The innovative idea will see traditional number plates replaced with digital smart plates, which carry a microprocessor and transmitters as well as GPS devices. The digital screens will be able to alert emergency services while also displaying messages if someone tries to steal the plate. Users will be able to transfer private registrations in next to no time too.

If the Tag2Connect technology is successful, it could be rolled out properly in the near future before eventually spreading across the globe. While unlikely to reach UK shores for some years, it could be very exciting times ahead.