The Most Shocking Road Rage Incidents

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As you’re aware, either from being guilty of having road rage yourself or from being on the receiving end of it, drivers get road rage from time to time.

There are some shocking stories out there that you’ll struggle to believe. Discover our pick of the craziest road rage incidents to occur in the UK.

Road Rage
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Crazed Driver Attempted to Ram a Van

In October 2015, an irrational motorist tried to ram a van off a road at 60mph. And just when you think this story couldn’t get any worse, there was a child travelling inside the van. The outrageous road rage incident took place in Basildon, Essex, on the A127 dual carriageway. It involved a Ford driver foolishly undertaking a Nissan, which almost forced the van off the road and onto the verge.

The incident caused a crash with the van and a lorry whose driver, a worker at Colton Commercials Haulage, had the whole thing on film thanks to dash cam footage. However, the cowardly Ford driver at fault sped away.

Colton’s assistant transport manager, Les Reid, described the road rage incident as “one of the craziest” he had seen and claimed that the lorry driver’s quick thinking prevented a much more serious accident.

We’re just glad no one was injured!

Foolish Motorist Came to a Sudden Halt on the M62

It seems that last October was the month for road rage as another unbelievable incident occurred. A van driver slammed on his brakes in the middle of a busy motorway after cutting across a lorry not once, but twice, giving the lorry driver no option but to come to a complete stop in the middle lane.

Footage taken from a dash cam fitted in the lorry revealed that the furious driver shouted abuse at the lorry driver and, at one point, even opened the door of the van as if threatening to walk out onto the motorway! However the driver quickly retreated back inside the van.

Luckily, the dangerous actions of the van driver did not cause an accident.

Cyclist Got Unnecessarily Angry With a Driver

Summer is usually a happy time of year, right? Well, not for a cyclist in Staines. In August last year, on the A308 Windsor Road, an Audi Q5 overtook three cyclists. This doesn’t sound anything out of the ordinary, does it? However, one of the cyclists became angry over the way the vehicle drove past and became verbally abusive to the driver.

The irate cyclist also caused £1000 worth of damage to the car when it stopped at a roundabout, by punching the window, side panel and wing mirror repeatedly.

Who would have thought that the way a car overtakes could lead to such a distressful incident?

So, now you know some of the most shocking road rage incidents. Do you have any stories to tell? Then tweet us @PrimoReg with your experience.

Remember, whilst other drivers can wind you up, it’s not at all safe to lose your temper at the wheel. If you don’t already know how to deal with road rage, take a look at our tips here.