The HPI Check: What is it?

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You may have heard of the HPI check before, particularly if you’ve considered buying a used car, but do you know exactly what it is and how it can help you? Well, here you can find out.

What is the HPI check?

The HPI check is an inspection that is carried out on a vehicle by a company called HPI Check. The service gives potential buyers all the necessary information they need prior to purchasing a used car.

What does HPI stand for?

Hire Purchase Inspection; looking into ownership and MOT history and other things that the seller may have failed to mention. HPI lets us know whether the vehicle:

  • Has Outstanding Debt

A HPI check will be able to inform you of this. Any unsettled debt on a vehicle will be transferred to the new owner, so it’s well worth finding out if the car you’re planning on buying has outstanding debt. Otherwise you could be liable for it.


  • Is Stolen

The police have the right to confiscate a stolen vehicle, regardless of whether you were completely unaware of it being stolen. This will leave you, as the buyer, without a car! 

  • Has Been Written Off

If a vehicle has been written off, it’s too damaged and unsafe to be repaired. A HPI check will show if the car has been written off or has had ‘cut and shut’ repair. This is where two or more cars have been welded together to hide the damage.

  • Has Been Clocked

The car clocking scam is more common than you think. 1 in 20 cars that have HPI checks are recorded as having a lower mileage so that it appears as though the vehicle has been driven less. Sellers can earn more and buyers have to pay more for repairs.


  • Has a Different Identity

If the identity of the vehicle has been changed, a HPI check will pick up on this. It will be able to tell you if the specification and engine are correct.

How Much Does a HPI Check Cost?

A HPI check will typically cost around £20, but you can purchase a block for a good price if you’re looking to get a few vehicles checked.

If you’ve never considered a HPI check before when purchasing a used car, you’d be silly not to now you know that the check can save you time, money and hassle.

So, now you know that a HPI check is able to provide you with vital information and history on used vehicles, will you be purchasing one the next time you purchase a new car? We hope so.

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