The Benefits of Private Number Plates

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Are you considering buying a private number plate? Then you’ve come to the right place. Whatever is holding you back, whether it’s cost (although private number plates are really good investments) or deciding what to have on your plate, we’ll reveal why you should take the plunge and invest in one. Discover the benefits of private number plates here.

  1. Set Yourself Apart From the Rest

You want to set yourself apart from the other drivers on the road, but for all the good reasons, right? It’s all very well having a bold and bright vehicle, but if it turns heads because it’s garish then you’re getting the wrong kind of attention. With a private number plate, you’ll stand out from the crowd because you’re different.

Whether you choose to purchase a funny number plate or one that represents what you do for a living, drivers will notice you because you’re completely unique.

  1. Reveal Your Creative Side

Nothing screams creativity more than a private plate. Why? Well, you can have anything you like on your plate, as long as you comply with the rules.

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There are so many letter and number combinations available that you can create any word or abbreviation you like, providing it hasn’t already been taken of course! You’ve got to get in there fast and put together something that will unleash your imaginative side. 

  1. Have a Unique Identity

The beauty of a private number plate is that it’s one of a kind. So, whatever you decide to come up with, you’ll take pride in knowing that no one else will have it! To be 100% unique is one of the many appeals of owning a private plate, and you’re certain to turn heads for all the right reasons.

  1. Own a Good Investment

Private number plates are good investments. Due to each one being unique, there is no chance of them being replicated therefore they will not devalue in that way.

Whilst there’s no guarantee that they’ll appreciate in value, they are extremely likely to only ever go up in the future. In fact, savvy buyers will purchase cheap private plates with the knowledge that over time they’ll be worth more than what they paid for them.


  1. Disguise Your Car’s Age

A private number plate makes it impossible for others to identify how old your car is. So, if you have a fairly old car that you’ve managed to keep in immaculate condition, you’ve struck gold. A private plate will not reveal exactly how old your car is!

Now you know the benefits of private number plates, do you feel tempted to go and buy one? Well, there’s no time like the present. Type what you want into our helpful search bar and you’ll be met with various car registrations to choose from. Pick the perfect one for you and your car today – it’s simple!