Tennis Number Plates: Perfect For Wimbledon!

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Back in 1877, the All England Tennis Club had the idea of creating a new tennis competition, which was to be played at Wimbledon. What they created was the first tennis tournament in the world. Today, it’s widely regarded as the globe’s finest and most famous tennis competition.
Each year, the crowds flock to Wimbledon in late June and early July. For two weeks of each year, it can sometimes feel like Britain goes tennis crazy, as fans and spectators cheer on local favourites and international superstars. All of the world’s great players have performed at Wimbledon, keen to add victory at the championships to their list of honours.
But Wimbledon is about far more than tennis: for many, the event is also about socialising, hospitality and generally having a lot of fun! After all, it simply wouldn’t be the same without the champagne, the strawberries and the cream. Here at Primo Registrations, we are able to offer an astounding selection of personalised number plates that will appeal to any tennis enthusiast.
Can you image driving your car, with the plate TEN 15 on display? Or maybe you’d like to parade your vehicle with TEN 11S, or even Y1 TEN. Those are all number plates that we have available, together with many more. In fact, our complete selection includes more than 43 million different car number plates, including many that provide a link to the wonderful sport of tennis.
With a new, tennis-related number plate, you could create quite the stir at the next hosting of Wimbledon. Imagine driving through the nearby streets, really standing out from the crowd.
As with all of our number plates, tennis enthusiasts buy new registration numbers for a range of reasons. Personalised number plates provide a really great means of making that association between your car and a favourite hobby, sport or pastime. With a personalised plate of this nature, onlookers will immediately know about your love of tennis. Family and friends, of course, will realise that your number plate reflects one of your great interests.
But there are also other, perhaps more practical reasons why our customers opt for private plates. A key factor is often in hiding the age of their vehicle. Changing to a personalised number can allow you to create an almost ageless vehicle and it will usually be considerably more cost-effective to buy a new number plate, rather than a brand new car!
If you’re interested in buy a new registration number, whether simply because you are looking for something tennis-related, or maybe because you are looking to hide the age of your vehicle, then our team are on hand to help. As you would expect, we’re able to provide you with information on the full range of options that are available to you. Our team members have the experience and knowledge that you need: they are able to talk about the appropriate rules and regulations too, making incredibly light work of the whole buying process.
To find out more about securing your tennis number plate, get in touch today. But be quick: these popular plates are being snapped up on an almost daily basis.