Short Private Number Plates

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Amongst the millions of private registrations and number plates available at Primo Registrations, few stand out quite as well as short private number plates. These are road legal plates bearing registrations rarely longer than three or four digits, such as 57 X, 9 YH, or LBF 3. What’s the appeal of short number plates and why should you consider them as either a gift for a loved one?


The investment potential

Short private number plates are a little more expensive than those with longer formats. However, for many, the price is a big part of the appeal, especially since the value can increase as time goes on. There are only so many three or four-letter registrations and, as the supply dwindles, their value increases. One of the most expensive short number plates ever sold was the three-digit VIP 1, which was last sold for £285,500 in 2006. Just two years before that, it was sold at £62,000. That’s a special case but it just goes to show that short registration plates have real potential as an investment.


The instant recognition

Though all number plates must meet regulated size requirements to be legal (as ours do), there are no limits on how many digits they must include to be stylishl. So, a compact three or four-digit number plate is one of the most recognisable and prestigious looking accessories for your car. You will never be confused as to which car is yours and it’s sure to draw plenty of attention.


The personal appeal

Whether you’re choosing a short registration with three digits or four, there’s a lot of room to find those that have the most personal appeal for you or whomever you’re buying it for. For instance, you can choose a plate bearing the initials of the driver plus “1” so it acts like a signature on the car. Number combinations that match the birthdate of the driver, paired with a letter representing their name are another popular gift. It makes your registration plate more than just an arbitrary collection of characters. It makes it personal.


Why choose Primo Registrations?

At Primo Registrations, we make the task of finding and buying the right short private number plates much easier than other suppliers. We offer an all-inclusive price, so you see the total cost of the registration and the plate. What’s more, we offer speedy deliveries, secure online purchases, and 0% financing options on almost all plate purchases. If it’s a gift for someone near and dear to you, we can even have the plate delivered as a gift to make the occasion all the more special. Our site’s easy to use, too, so you will have no problem finding the plate you’re looking for.


There’s no denying that short number plates catch the eye. They have an air of exclusivity to them, making them instantly recognisable. Of course, it’s also a lot more convenient to remember three or four digits rather than a combination of seven numbers and letters. Check out our short private number plates and see if we have just the one for you.