Private Number Plates make Perfect Christmas Presents

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The season of giving is just around the corner and there’s no doubt that many of you reading this will be searching your brain for the perfect gift for the person that you love. If your loved one is a motor enthusiast and one who loves showing off their car, as well as personalising it, then a custom, private number plate might just be the gift for them. Here, we’re going to look at why private number plates make a great Christmas gift and how you can really make it special for the holiday season.


Help them put their stamp on their car

Real motor enthusiasts love their cars. Not only do they love driving them, but they love making them their own. If your loved one has already put the work in customising their ride, then a private number plate can be the perfect way to help them personalise it even further. They’re instantly recognisable and memorable, helping them put their own stamp or signature on the motor that they love.


A gift that lasts

Too often, the Christmas gifts we buy are either used up or forgotten about by the time that December 25th rolls around again on the next year. That’s not going to happen with a private number plate. It’s going to become a part of their car’s identity for a long time. The majority of private registration plates are valid for a period of ten years from when they were first bought. It can be assigned to a vehicle at any point during this ten years and will remain valid for the duration, so you can buy it early and keep it as a surprise when the big day rolls around.


Give it the personal appeal

One of the benefits of Primo Registrations’ huge range of private number plates is that there are plenty of options that allow you to find the one that makes the perfect personal gift. Some good ideas for private number plate gifts include those that incorporate the birthdate of the driver. Other plans can include short names, like “BEN” or “JON”, making it a real signature for the driver. You can also choose license plates with letters that match their initials. Perhaps your loved one has some other numbers, words or acronyms that have a special meaning to them? Use our smart search bar to find the private number plates that best match whatever you have in mind.


Gifts to fit any budget

Private number plates are likely not as expensive as you might believe them to be. We have a huge selection of plates that can fit any budget. For instance, Northern Ireland format plates are some of the cheapest you can find, often selling for less than £140. Other plates, such as short number plates with only four characters can be a little more expensive. However, we offer financing options with 0% interest so that getting the perfect gift for your beloved motor enthusiast is much easier. There’s no need to fork over the full cash immediately, you can receive the plate and pay it off when it’s more convenient for you. Take a look at our stock to see the prices, which include not just the plate itself, but the necessary fees as well. There are no hidden costs here.


No mess, no fuss

It normally takes between 1-15 working days for us to transfer plates from you at the time of completing the payment. However, it’s easy to buy a private number plate for another person. No vehicle documents are necessary when you buy. They are needed when transferring the registration to the car, but that can be done by the recipient of the gift after it has been given. There’s no rush, as mentioned, the plates are normally valid for ten years from the point of purchase. If you are giving the plate to someone who doesn’t live with you, you can have it sent directly to their address instead of your own, too.


Primo Registrations has a huge range of private number plates that can make for an excellent Christmas gift, available in a whole range of formats. Our site has a smart search function that allows you to find the plates that most closely match exactly what you’re looking for, so take a look and see if you can’t find the perfect gift. Take a look at if you want more information on how to buy a private number plate as a gift or call us at 01252 49 1111 for more information.